Oyo Federal Constituency PDP Leaders & Substitution of Consensus Candidates : My Position By Hon Rasheed O.Garuba


A Former Leader of the House in Oyo East Local Government Legislative Council and a University Lecturer, Dr. Rasheed Obasekore Garuba has cautioned the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Leaders in Oyo Federal Constituency about the effect of substitution of the consensus candidates of the party .

In reference to a statement personally forwarded and signed ;and made available to Eaglesightnews.com.ng , Dr Garuba stated,

“With due respect to all our leaders of PDP in Oyo Federal Constituency and the principle of democracy which gives freedom of expression of opinion on party issues, I want to express my displeasure to the wave of substituting the party’s consensus candidates duly approved by the leader of the party, His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde and the Committee headed by the Deputy National Chairman of the party, Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja without much resistance from the party’s leaders in Oyo Federal Constituency. The idea of substitution which was mooted by a non party member hiding on the pretence of 2019 coalition is frustrating and demoralizing on members of the party who has been contributing morally and financially to sustain the party when APC was the ruling party in Oyo State. A major question resounding in my mind since the idea of substitution was raised by a non party member is What were the reactions of our so called leaders and stakeholders in PDP of OFC? A non party member hiding under 2019 coalition who is yet to register as a member of our party now having guilt to change the PDP consensus candidates just like that without any resistance from the so called party leaders. It’s very painful to we ordinary members of the party. It’s a sign of cowardness and selfishness, somebody just come to hijack the Senatoral Party ticket from a trusted, dedicated and a loyal party member and the so called constituency party leaders kept quiet without any resistance. Thank God for those party leaders from the governor’s kitchen cabinet who resisted the move. So, changing state constituency consensus candidates will be an easy ride if our so called leaders doesn’t wake up to the reality and move against the hijacker before it’s too lay. To me, whatever anything that happens to the party in 2023, our leaders in Oyo Federal Constituency needs to be held responsible. I’m a founding member of the party since 1998 and I know much about the attitudinal behavioral conduct of our so called leaders. “a stitch in time saves nine” May God guide our leaders to the right path on this matter and make all our candidates victorious in the 2023 general election.”

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