Methodist Prelate Shares Powerful Revelation About His Kidnapping Experience In ..😳😥[Full Story]

Methodist Prelate Shares Powerful Revelation About His Kidnapping Experience In The hands Of Kidnappers ..😳😥[Full Story]

Eagle’s News reports that The Methodist Church Nigeria Prelate, His Eminence Samuel Kanu Uche, have narrated his near death experience in the hands of kidnappers tribune online has learned.

PRELATE of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Dr Sam Uche, on Tuesday confirmed that the people who abducted him, a bishop of the church and his chaplain collected N100 million as ransom before they were released. 

The Prelate was kidnapped alongside the Bishop of Owerri Diocese, Reverend Dennis Mark, and his chaplain last Sunday on their way from a church programme in Okigwe, Imo State to Isuochi in Umu Nneochi Local Government Area of Abia State. 

They were however released on Monday after spending a day with the abductors. Recounting his experience at a press conference at the Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Church, Yaba, in Lagos on Tuesday, the cleric said the church paid N100 million to the abductors, adding that the money was arranged in five sacks of N20 million in each sack. 

The Prelate also said that neither the federal, state governments nor even security operatives made efforts to secure his release.

Meanwhile, a full story of how how the kidnapping experience went as gathered from All Facts Newspaper reads:

“It has been reported that the Prelate alongside the Bishop of Owerri Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dennis Mark and the Prelate’s chaplain were on Sunday, kidnapped in Umunneochi Local Government Area of Abia state.

“Narrating his experience in a Press conference held at Methodist church yaba, Lagos state and monitored by All Facts Newspaper, the clergyman said their abductors were fulanis alleging that some personnel of the Nigerian Army from Fulani extraction were aiding the kidnappers in their activities.

In his word;

“these people came out from the bush;they divided themselves into 3 places; some people fired at us and there was another group in front to make sure that we didn’t run away; they fired shots at our vehicle and eventually, they abducted 3 of us.

“The communication man of the church was able to escape, the driver was able to escape; the abducted me, the bishop of Owerri and my chaplain and they took us to the bush and were torturing us. It was in the process of that torture that I hit my right eye on a tree. Even when blood was flowing and I was soaking my eyes with a handkerchief, they didn’t feel like anything happened.

“All they said was that we should follow them; that they were not actually against Nigerian citizens but against the government, that the government is a bad government.

“they are Fulani boys; all the 8 are fulanis; they said the day they will see the president or any of his representatives they will chew him raw; that he is their brother but he has disappointed them and has disappointed Nigeria.

” I said even though am part of government, am a church man am not a government official; they said okay, that is what have saved you, we would have killed you out-rightly without asking for any ransom but now that you are a church man, lets go inside the bush.

“I trekked up-to 15 kilometers but I knew that we were rigmaroling, going up going down and eventually at 11pm they said okay now we can negotiate; each of us will pay N50million and we are going to pay N150million. I thought it was a joke; I said we were going to pay 10million and they said what? Don’t say that; they lifted up their knife to cut me,I said please hold on.”

According to the clergy, the leader of the group is about 35 years while the others are about 18.

He said they had taken his rings, chain, took the money they had on them and insisted on 150 million ransom.

The clergy said the abductors came down to 100million ransom, warning that if they negotiate, they would be killed.

“I said okay. We will pay you N100 million. After some time, they said where is the money and I said this is Sunday night how can we get money this night and you know that there is this sit at home in igbo land. We cant afford the money now be patient till morning, we will make contacts.”

He said they lost patient, laid bishop Dennis Mark down, raised a knife to cut him, while another pointed a gun at him (prelate) to show that they were serious,

“I told them we will raise the money for you. But the irony of it, where they were situated, the soldiers all of Fulani extraction, Nigerian soldiers, they were there at Lomara junction and this boys were going behind them. Meanwhile they kept their cows somewhere, numbering about 200.

He said some people were taking care of the cows while the abductors were parading them around the bush until they settled at a place,

“they said when are you bring the money? I said by 12 noon, I will call the people i’ve contacted whether the money had been raised and I called them, they said that they are gathering the money and they heard it because they said I will use my phone to talk, they cant use their phone, they don’t want to be tracked

“their leader was born in igbo land but his parents have died. He said he was born around Umuahia Amuzukwu and his father was a cow dealer, the boy understood igbo”

He said the leader threatened to kill them if they informed security operatives when they had raised N100million.

The leader asked them to buy 5 ghana must go bags and put N20million in each bag. They left to pick the ransom while four others waited on them with guns.

“around 5;30pm, the youngest boy who I think is a younger brother to their commander said oga congratulations you are free you can go now. We have got our money, you can go. Let me show you the road.

“they took us to old road, where they wrote welcome to Imo’ and ‘goodbye from Abia”.

“they told us that after buying enough weapons, they are going to bring all those people that were driven away from zamfara, katsina, sambisa forest that they are all coming to locate themselves in igbo land and deal with us.

“he said do you know Ibadan expressway? We are in all the bush there , we are also in the south south, we are waiting for the slightest signal we will finish you people and take over this land. They claimed that Nigeria belong to Fulani.

The priest maintained that military personnel’s of Fulani extraction were aiding the kidnappers who disguise as herders in the daytime but are kidnappers at night.

He called on the government to take a decisive action ‘other wise what is happening in the north will be a child’s play”

On how they picked up the ransom, he said the terrorists came to the pick up spot with a truck without a number plate.

He stated that all efforts made to ensure that he is released was the effort of the Methodist church and her members and not security personnel nor government.

Breaking: Makinde Picks Bayo Lawal As Running Mate For 2023[Details]

Eagle’s Sight News gathered that Governor Seyi Makinde has chosen the chairman of Housing Corporation, Barrister Bayo Lawal as his running mate.

MouthpiecrNGR confirmed from reliable source that Bayo Lawal’s choice was preferred ahead two others who were widely rumored.

Kishi born Bayo Lawal who hails from Irepo local government was a former Attorney General of Oyo state in 1999 under the administration of former governor, late Lam Adesina was appointed the Executive Chairman, Oyo State Housing Corporation by Governor Seyi Makinde.

“Resign Now, You’re Unfit To Be PDP Nat’l Chair” -Clark To Ayu

Eagle’s Sight News reports that a prominent PDP chieftian ,elder stateman and Injaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark,has called on the party’s national chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, to resign from office without further delay.

This comes following the outcome of the presidential primary election of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), elder

According to Clark, in a statement made available to Journalists in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital on Tuesday, said Ayu has proven to be unfit to be the PDP national chairman.

The elder statesman, who is also the leader of Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF), according to leadership reports, said despite the efforts of the Convention Planning Committee, outcome of the primary election leaves much to be desired.

The statement reads in part: “I decided to issue this Press Release because of the worrying occurrences in our polity vis-a-vis the dappled Party Primaries being conducted, across the Country; the reported outrageous financial inducements of delegates and the cynical dollarization of the electoral process.

“These happenings give strong warnings of, more likely, deleterious outcomes of the 2023 General Elections, mainly the Presidential, and their aftermaths.

“Most disturbing is what happened at the Special National Convention of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in Abuja, on Saturday, 28th May 2022. I followed the live broadcasts of the proceedings, keenly, until about 12.30 am on Sunday, the 29th.

“A Season Of Jubilation In Anticipation For Greater Victories For Our Great Party ‘PDP’ “- Comforter Congratulates Makinde’s 3-year…

A season Of Jubilation In Anticipation For Greater Victories For Our Great Party ‘PDP’ – Comforter Congratulates Makinde’s 3-year In Office
A chieftain under the People Democratic Party(PDP) has felicitated the Oyo state Governor on his 3rd years in office and accelerated achievements in Oyo state .
Hon (Dr) Olufunke Comforter AdeniyI Olajife ‘Olutunu Dee’ has fondly called , in a statement forwarded to this reliable online newspaper’Eaglesightnews stated:
“Good deeds in words and actions are all encapsulated in good governance.
“I Hon. (Dr) Olufunke Comforter can boldly say that the evidence of good governance cannot be hidden, it is conspicuous and expressed in the testimonies and votes of the people.
“The past three years of this administration under his able Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde, has been awesome, with visible projects, policies and schemes to better the life of the great people of Oyo state.
“Little wonder as to why, his Excellency was able to clinch the ticket for a second term bid. It is my prayer for Your Excellency, that this groundbreaking and trailblazing achievements continue for another term as the good people of Oyo State consolidate on the dividends of democracy to yet vote our dear governor at the general elections. Your Excellency, the Lord shall endow you with the wherewithal to forge ahead stronger and better as you do more for the people of Oyo state. Congratulations your Excellency Sir.
“I will like to reiterate that the women of Oyo State are solidly behind you especially as you have chosen to recognise us and include us in your governance. We promise never to fail you.
“In the same vein, a very Hearty congratulations goes to the new Presidential Candidate of our dear party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. No doubt, the party has selected a strong, tested, reliable and experienced luminary in the political parlance for this position. I pray for strength and vigour as well as wisdom to sail the party ship to victory shore at the general elections. Congratulations Sir
“To all the good people of Oyo State, good things are going to keep happening for us all as we all do the needful to vote credible leaders in the upcoming general elections.
“Higher and higher we will go. Victory is ours by God’s grace.”
#SeyiLekansi+Olutunu Dee
Team head:
Dr. Kunle Awotiku

CAN Disowns Pastor Who Can Take Members To Heaven For 310k

CAN Disowns Pastor Who Can Take Members To Heaven For 310k

The Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN ) in Kaduna State Chapter has disowned one Pastor Ade Abraham who offered to take his members to heaven if they pay a fee of N310,000 only.

Rev John Joseph Hayab, Chairman of CAN in Kaduna State, said even though Pastor Ade’s offer of a ticket to heaven was cheaper than the ransom Kaduna bandits asked their victims, sadly, CAN has not found anyone who knows the location of the said church or established a church in Kaduna town with that name or in any local government areas in the state.

According to Hayab in a statement on Tuesday, ” the faceless character like Ade Abraham can easily give the faith of the community a bad name, especially that CAN cannot trace his whereabouts or find any useful information about his being in Kaduna state.”

“Is it possible that Ade Abraham before becoming spiritual had lived in Kaduna or did he come to Kaduna for a visit? How can we have such a pastor and nobody knows him only for us to read about his drama in the media whereas the journalists in Kaduna do not have this information?” 

“CAN Kaduna State appeals to whosoever knows pastor Ade Abraham or the location of a church in Kaduna linked to the alleged person to furnish our association with the information so that we could work with security agencies to prevent what could further compound the security challenges faced in the state”.

CAN will not decide what sermon her priests should preach but CAN will not hesitate to expose fake preachers when she finds one, especially when the sermon contradicts the teachings contained in the Holy Scriptures. “

CAN, therefore, calls for a proper investigation of Pastor Ade Abraham’s identity, and the location of his ministry to put the record straight to avoid creating panic and misleading the public”.

“If Pastor Ade Abraham’s camp is in Ekiti and the sacred place where God is coming to rapture those who have paid their rapture fees, why is Kaduna in the story or does he have another strip that the rapture will happen in Kaduna?”

CAN wish to advise the Christian faith not to rush into accepting every kind of teaching without first studying the Scriptures to understand if what the preacher says is true like the Berean believers who studied the Scriptures, day and night, to confirm what the Apostle Paul was saying was true.May God deliver us from unholy preachers in Jesus’ name,” he said.”

Source: Vanguard




One of the prominent writers in Nigeria , Mr Abolade Olosun from Ido local government, Oyo state Nigeria has come up with an opinion that unveils the person of Hon(Mrs) Toyin Balogun a frontline hopeful of ibadan North Fed Representative.

Recall Eagelssightsnews had previously disclosed the goodwill of the Mrs Toyin Balogun to represent her Constituency.

The opinion personally forwarded to Eaglesighttnews news reads,

“Blessed are the people, the politicians that advocated and allocated slot for women involvements in active politics. If not these men, women denials will continue, as it was in the past that we denied many cerebral and viable women their rights to contribute to the development of their father’s land .

“And we may not be able to see and showcase how cerebral, talented and viable are many women as we are seeing in today’s politics

“Among these visionary women are one particular and prominent PDP Chieftain, Mrs Toyin Balogun who is vying for Ibadan North House of Representatives post under the platform of our great party, PDP.

“This advocacy is in support of her representation because she is capable..

“We’ve seen many Representatives in recent past that are just bench warmers in the chamber .. .. no meaningful ideas to contribute on national issues and greediness doesn’t allow them to know the right things to do for their constituencies as well. Such representatives are not idle and should not be allowed any longer.

“Balogun Makinde Vanguard Proprietress, Hon Toyin Balogun is full of ideas. She is intellectual and vibrant.

“Towards encouragement and consideration for women involvements in active politics .
When considering allowing few bold women that are showing interest, those that have substances upstairs like Mrs Toyin Balogun must be given high priority.

“She is PDP loyalist to the core from inception.

“She is GSMst in all facets of politics and politicking . Tested and Trusted GSM loyalist.

“She is educated. Not just literate but she has extraordinarily built herself to enviable level …

“She is a cheerful giver. we’ve witnessed many empowerments from her side to party stalwarts, less privileged in her constituency and to the general public. JAMB form distribution to hundreds of students was the latest of her many past philanthropic gestures.

“She is a dedicated politician with fear of God and that is reflecting in humility and her respectful manner.

“We are imploring good people of Ibadan North party leadership and our able Principal GSM to look towards putting round peg in round hole .

“If we are to settle resolve amicably among many men, capable gladiators that are vying for the same post within this same constituency, Ibadan North, the best way to go is to allow this vibrant woman, Mrs Toyin Balogun to score the goal for the men .

“When considering women slot, Toyin Balogun should be among top list because she is a big asset to PDP and our nation in general.





RAMADAN :Ibadan North Federal Constituency Hopeful, Hon Waheed Aderemi Gbede Wish Muslims Blessed Ramadan

RAMADAN :Ibadan North  Federal Constituency Hopeful, Hon Waheed Aderemi Gbede Wish Muslims Blessed Ramadan

A frontline hopeful who is equally a chieftan under the People Democratic Party aspiring for ibadan north federal Constituency, Hon, Waheed Aderemi Gbede has wish Muslim brothers and sister ‘Ramadan Kareem’

According to the news sent to eaglesighttnews during media chat, Hon Waheed prayed,

” May the crescent-shaped moon brighten your path toward enlightenment and may Allah bless you with peace and grace.
May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to you.
May this Ramadan be as bright as ever.
I wish you four weeks of blessings, 30 days of clemency and 720 hours of enlightenment. Happy Ramadan!”

BESDA: Oyo Inaugurates Environmental Safeguard Team for Out-of-School Children

BESDA: Oyo Inaugurates Environmental Safeguard Team for Out-of-School Children

The Oyo State Government has inaugurated Environmental and Social Safeguard teams in the State, with an aim to ensure that out-of-school children captured and re-enrolled in the Better Education Service Delivery for All (BESDA) programme are taught in child-friendly environments without any form of threat.

Speaking at a 2-day orientation training for the newly constituted local environmental and social safeguard teams in Ibadan, the Executive Chairman, Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board (OYOSUBEB), Dr. Nureni Adeniran outlined that, part of the team’s priorities under supervision of the board is to strategize to consolidate on the gains of ongoing Better Education Service Delivery for All, BESDA programme in Oyo State.

Adeniran listed some of the priorities of the team to include promotion of children’s right in the locality; report cases of any form of child abuse in schools; report adults vulnerable to radicalization and enhance compliance to safeguarding procedures and effective use of Grievance Redress Mechanism boxes, among others.

He said the members selected across the 21 BESDA Focus Local Government Areas, will help reduce adverse socio-environmental impact that may arise in the implementation of development projects.

The OYOSUBEB Boss hinted that the State Government hopes to motivate and retain “these innocent children into the formal school system for a functional education”, emphasizing an all-inclusive participation in the educational sector.

Dr. Adeniran charged members of the team to face the challenges ahead with courage, sincerity of purpose, so as to merit and foster the high expectation of the people.

“The idea of Environmental and Social Safeguards was conceived in BESDA as an operational procedure designed to mitigate and minimize adverse environmental and social impact that may arise in the implementation of development projects. Environmental and Social Safeguards also have pro-active dimensions to try to increase chances that development projects deliver better outcomes for people and the environment”, he said.

“Your assignment demands a high sense of responsibility, a large heart, total loyalty to your communities, local governments, the Board, the State and Nigeria, as a whole”.

Speaking further, Adeniran said, “We see you as leaders in your assigned duties. We therefore expect you to discharge your duties with a good sense of judgement, strong will and dedication”.

He therefore reiterated that Oyo State Government, under the leadership of Governor Seyi Makinde is committed to ensuring that out-of-school children in the State are reduced to the barest minimum, as they access qualitative education.

Media Team, Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board.

BESDA: Oyo Inaugurates Environmental Safeguard Team for Out-of-School Children

DETAILED:Again,Over 63 Million Naira Suspicious Transaction,Oyo Assembly Suspends Popular LG Chair[Photo]

The Oyo State House of Assembly on Tuesday during plenary suspended another local government chairman in the state. Eaglessightnews has gathered.

Hon. Sarafadeen Omirinde, the Saki-West Chair’ was suspended by the assembly on Tuesday over illegally diverting the sum of 63 million naira belonging to the Local Government into a private purse. Among other reasons include religious bigotry, anti-party activities.

The Speaker, Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin, after listening to submission from lawmakers, declared Omirinde suspended on Tuesday during its plenary sitting.

Recall that this is not the first time the assembly would be suspending a local government chairman.

Also read: JUST IN:Oyo Assembly Finally Sack Irepo LG Chairman, Orders Vice Chairman To Take-over(Photo)

Chairman of Irepo Local Government Area, Mr Lateef Sulaimon Adediran was suspended by the assembly in May this year over alleged diversion of funds.

The assembly on Tuesday announced that it has suspended Omirinde following some allegations against him.

The lawmakers announced that the suspension was to allow the House to investigate various allegations levelled against the chairman in a correspondence to the House.

The correspondence, which was signed by two-third members of the legislative arm of the local government, was read by Clerk of the House.

Some of the allegations levied against the embattled chairman included gross misconduct, religious intolerance, anti party activities and unlawful diversion of the local government subvention.

The house then directed the Vice Chairman, Mr Gbenga Akinola to take over from the chairman.

Leader of the legislative arm in the local government area is to take over the position of the vice chairman.


Again Over 63Million Suspicious Transaction,Oyo Assembly Suspends Popular LG Chair In Oyo
Again Over 63Million Suspicious Transaction,Oyo Assembly Suspends Popular LG Chair In Oyo

Just in: Makinde Appoints Aides For Deputy ,Bayo Lawal

N3.4 Billion Debt:Makinde Seeks Review of Supreme Court’s Judgment To Pay Sacked LG Officials
Just in: Makinde Appoints Aides For Deputy ,Bayo Lawal

Oyo State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde has endorsed  the appointment of nine aides for the office of the Deputy Governor, Barrister Bayo Lawal . Eaglessightnews has gathered.

Also read:BREAKING:Makinde Appoints Executive Assistants[Full List]

This is contained In a statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary, Sulaiman Olarenwaju.

The newly appointed aides to the Deputy Governor as contained in a letter signed by the Chief of Staff, Otunba Segun Ogunwuyi, are:

  1. Ajagbe Yusuf Olatunji: SA (Political)
  2. Sakariyah Kunle Sanni: SA (Administration)
  3. Hassan Ajibade: SA (Legal)
  4. Omoetan Omolere: SA (Print Media)
  5. Badmus Adesola: SA (Domestic)
  6. Oyedeji Ahmed: SA (Public Affairs)
  7. Alhaji Nasiru Ayinde: SA (Projects)
  8. Ajibade Waheed Ademola: SA (Media Online)
  9. Mutalib Adewale: Personal Assistant

The Governor also approved the appointment of Miss Adetola Adedibu as Special Assistant to the Governor on Liaison Office Abuja.

The Governor congratulated the new appointees and urged them to see their appointment as a call to service.

He implored them to discharge their duties with utmost loyalty and all sense of responsibility.

Emefiele’s Replacement:Two Name Suggestions Emerge For CBN Governor As President Tinubu Ponders

Tinubu Ponders On Two Name Suggestions For CBN Gov, Emefiele’s Replacement
Tinubu Ponders On Two Name Suggestions For CBN Gov, Emefiele’s Replacement

Two financial experts have been suggested to President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as possible replacements for the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele.

recalls that Emefiele became CBN governor on June 4, 2014. He has retained the position for about nine years and may vacate the position in a few days.

Also, due to a series of controversies following the implementation of the Naira swap policy during the 2023 electioneering period, many stakeholders and top government officials have been calling for his immediate sack and replacement.

Speaking during a recent interview with Arise Television, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Olisa Agbakoba, urged the newly sworn-in president of Nigeria, Tinubu to immediately replace Emefiele with either the Chairman of Fidelity Bank Nigeria, Mustafa Chike-Obi, or the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Citibank Nigeria, Yemi Cardoso.

Agbakoba also admonished Tinubu to without further hesitation, appoint his cabinet, stressing that the Nigerian leader must appoint only good people in his cabinet.

He said: “We need to talk about a limited government. The government is too big; he needs to have good people.

“The timeline for an appointment is absolutely today. Today, I will think he should be making critical appointments, I will just give a couple of names: Mustafa Chike-Obi or Dr. Yemi Cardoso.”

Agbakoba also charged Tinubu to unbundle the Transport Ministry into four sub-ministries. He noted that the new Transport Ministry should comprise rail, road, shipping, and air.

“Works should seize to be a ministry and they should go onto transport ministry.

“The challenge for Tinubu will be to name at least four or five critical ministers, because there is no time to waste,” the SAN noted.

Details Of Meeting Between Tinubu, Emefiele, Kyari Surfaces

Meanwhile, details of the meeting between President Tinubu, CBN governor, Emefiele and the Group Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), Mele Kyari, have surfaced.

Naija News recalls that Tinubu had met with Emefiele and Kyari on Tuesday on his first day in office in the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Sources from the presidency, however, told journalists that their discussion was centred around the removal of the fuel subsidy.

Tinubu, during his inaugural speech on May 29, announced that fuel subsidy was gone, as it was not provided for in the 2023 budget.

However, sources from the presidency have stated that the removal of the petrol subsidy will no longer be immediate.

Click here to continue reading:

Tinubu Ponders On Two Name Suggestions For CBN Gov, Emefiele’s Replacement

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UPDATE: Over Subsidy,NLC Shun FG Meeting As Electricity Workers Back Strike[Details]
Just In:Makinde Endorses His Anointed Candidate As Oyo Speaker
Should Tinubu Considers Me For Appointment,My Wife, And Few Others Must First Hear– Wike Says
Oyo Assembly To Hold Valedictory Sitting Thursday, Inaugurates 10th House Tuesday
BREAKING: Atiku, Obi’s Cases Against Tinubu To Stall As Judicial Workers Declare Strike, Gives Reason
BREAKING:Makinde Appoints Executive Assistants[Full List]

Just In: Makinde To Review Minimum Wage, Constitutes Salary Review Committee [Read in full]

Newly Appointed Excos of Oyo Park Management System Visit Makinde[Video+Photos]

Hon Comforter Congratulates Ogundoyin on His Endorsement To Return As The Assembly Speaker, Eulogizes Governor Makinde
BREAKING:NLC Suspends Planned Strike

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BREAKING:NLC, TUC Suspend Planned Strike[UPDATED]


BREAKING:NLC Suspends Planned Strike
BREAKING:NLC Suspends Planned Strike*

…talks to resume June 19

The Nigerian Labour Congres, on Monday night, confirmed that it will no longer proceed with its nationwide strike planned for Wednesday. 

The resolution was announced by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila and confirmed by the President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, Joe Ajaero, after a nearly six-hour meeting between the Federal Government and the organised labour at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. 

Also read:UPDATE: Over Subsidy,NLC Shun FG Meeting As Electricity Workers Back Strike[Details]

At Monday’s meeting, the parties agreed that “The NLC to suspend notice of strike forthwith to enable further consultations.

The TUC and the NLC to continue ongoing engagements with the Federal Government and secure closure on the resolutions.

“The labour centres and the Federal Government to meet on June 19, 2023, to agree on an implementation framework.”

BREAKING:NLC, TUC Suspend Planned Strike[UPDATED]
BREAKING:NLC, TUC Suspend Planned Strike[UPDATED]

Hon Comforter Congratulates Ogundoyin on His Endorsement To Return As The Assembly Speaker, Eulogizes Governor Makinde

Hon Olufunke Comforter Congratulates Ogundoyin on His Return As The Assembly Speaker, Eulogizes Makinde

Hon Olufunke Comforter Congratulates Ogundoyin on His Return As The Assembly Speaker, Eulogises Makinde
Hon Olufunke Comforter Congratulates Ogundoyin on His Return As The Assembly Speaker, Eulogises Makinde

The Oyo Assembly Elect for Ibadan North Constituency1, Hon (Dr) Olufunke Comforter Adeniyi Olajide has felicitated Rt House Adebo Ogundoyin, the Speaker of the Oyo Assembly over his preference by Governor Makinde  to return as the House Speaker and lead the 10th Assembly.

Recall that Eagle’s Sight News earlier reported that Governor Makinde on Monday discloses Ogundoyin as his anointed candidate at the commissioning of a transformer donated by Dotun Sanusi .

Hon Comforter ‘Olutunu Dee’ as fondly called,  in her congratulatory message made available to Eaglessightnews wishes the speaker wisdom, grace, and fortitude to lead the 10th Assembly for the progress of Oyo State.

While congratulating the speaker, Olufunke Comforter also eulogized Governor Makinde for being an exemplary leader and father to all.

Eaglessightnews reports.

#ComforterDee #OlutunuDee

BREAKING: Newly Appointed Excos of Oyo Park Management System Visit Makinde[Video+Photos]

The newly appointed leadership of the Oyo State Park Management System has visited  Governor Makinde.

The PMS excos was led by the newly appointed Chairman Alh Tomiwa Omolewa.

Also read:Just In:All You Need To Know About Tommy, New PMS Chairman Appointed By Makinde[Photo]

Recall that   the PMS new excos were appointed into different designations under the PMS  after the dissolution of the PMS leadership chaired by the Auxilary.

During the  meeting, Governor Makinde charged the PMS executives to ensure they work together in unity for the progress of Oyo State.

The Park Management System executives in attendance were Kasali Ajisafe Lawal who was appointed secretary, Tajudeen Jimoh, Deputy Chairman; Kamardeen Idowu, Treasurer; Tirimisiyu Olowoposi, Financial Secretary; Abass Amolese, Organising Secretary; and Alhaji Hamidu Mustapha Were, Auditor.

Others are Alhaji Abideen Ejiogbe, First Vice Chairman; Ganiyu Mojeed, First Trustee; Alhaji Musa Alubankudi, Second Trustee, Alhaji Rahman Akinsola Tokyo, Second Auditor; and Alhaji Wasiu Emiola, Public Relations Officer.

See Photos and video

BREAKING: Newly Appointed Excos of Oyo Park Management System Visit Makinde[Video+Photos]
BREAKING: Newly Appointed Excos of Oyo Park Management System Visit Makinde[Video+Photos]

Details later……

Subsidy Removal: Makinde To Review Minimum Wage, Constitutes Salary Review Committee [Read in full]

Subsidy Removal: Makinde To Review Minimum Wage, Constitutes Committee [Read in full]
Subsidy Removal: Makinde To Review Minimum Wage, Constitutes Committee [Read in full]
 Oyo State Governor, Engr Seyi has made his intent known to review the workers minimum wage in the state. Eaglessightnews has gathered.

Makinde, in his intent  on Monday constituted a committee to review workers’ wages in the state.

The committee which was constituted during a meeting with labour leaders in the state at the Executive Chambers, has eight weeks to turn in its report.

Governor Makinde said following the removal of subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), it became imperative for the government to take another look at the salary structure to cushion its effects on workers.

Also read:BREAKING:Makinde Appoints Executive Assistants[Full List]

He said, “For us, with all sincerity, I think it is time to engage and ensure that we are proactive, irrespective of what is coming from the federal level. We are already prepared for it here and we can run our own programmes.

“Yes, the fuel subsidy removal is going to affect all of us but we do have control over certain things in Oyo State, and one of these is to be proactive and engage ourselves. They may call for strike or certain actions at the federal level but the labour leaders in Oyo State must be aware of our own situation.

“So, we must appreciate the fact that our economy is fragile. We must be proactive and set the tone without prejudice to whatever negotiation that is happening at the federal level.”

At the meeting attended by Oyo State chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Kayode Martins and his Trade Union Congress counterpart, Olatunbosun Olabiyi, the governor also said, “I can say it to the whole world that in Oyo State there is no trust deficit between the government and labour leaders. It actually goes both ways. If we agree on what to do, I don’t look back, and if you have my commitment on anything, you should not look back. Whatever that is happening at the national level should not create any trust deficit between us. So, I welcome you all to Omituntun 2.0.”

The Governor also seized the opportunity to express his appreciation to the Labour leaders for their support during his first term in office.

In his reaction, the NLC chairman said minimum wage review was overdue. He then called on the state government to work towards its quick realization.

The meeting had in attendance Labour unions leaders, the Deputy Governor, Barrister Bayo Lawal; Head of Service, Bunmi Oni; former Deputy Governor, Ambasador Taofeek Arapaja; former Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly, Senator Monsurat Sunmonu; former Special Adviser on Labour, Bayo Titilola-Sodo; wife of former governor, Alhaja Mutiat Ladoja; and traditional leaders, among others.

BREAKING:Makinde Appoints Executive Assistants[Full List]

BREAKING:Makinde Appoints Executive Assistants[Full List]
Oyo PDP Laud Makinde Over Fresh Appointments, Completion Of Ultra Modern LG Staff, Pension Board Office
Governor Seyi Makinde on Monday approved the appointments of CP Sunday Odukoya (Rtd) as the Executive Assistant (Security), Revd.Idowu Ogedengbe as Executive Assistant (Administration) and Alhaji Kolawole Gafar Bello as Executive Assistant (Finance, Budget &Economic Planning).

This was contained in a statement signed by the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Otunba Segun Ogunwuyi.
According to the statement, the appointments are with immediate effect.
The Governor while congratulating the new appointees implored them to see their appointment as a further call to service.
He urged them to discharge their duties with absolute loyalty, dedication and diligence.

Sulaimon Olanrewaju,
Chief Press Secretary to Oyo state Governor.
5th June, 2023