“You Are Sore Loser, Stop Dragging Ogunwuyi Into Your Hallucinations ” – Group Slams Sanjo Adedoyin Over Statement Against CoS

You are Sore Loser, Stop Dragging Ogunwuyi into your Hallucinations
PDP National Youth Frontiers Replies Sanjo Adedoyin, Describes him as a failed politician
The attention of the National Youth Frontiers, Ogbomoso South Chapter have been drawn to a malicious, concocted and a denigrating press release by the embattled majority leader of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon. Sanjo Adedoyin who represents Ogbomoso South State Constituency
As a peace loving political party youth group, we wouldn’t have replied but to feed the cravings of the genuine lovers of our party who desire the truth and to also put narratives in the proper perspective, this reply is necessary.
In the aforementioned release, the Embattled Honorable Member accused the leader of PDP in Ogbomoso Zone and the highest political party office holder in Ogbomoso Zone, Hon. Segun Ogunwuyi of instigating thugs against him, this allegation we make bold to say that it is untrue and unfounded. If it was done in order to save the face or the already dragged name of the embattled honorable member, it has failed.
Hon. Ogunwuyi is peace loving, urbane and a gentleman who does not believe in violence of any kind especially in a party where he has benefitted immensely.
It is laughable that Hon. Sanjo Adedoyin can say such statements when he truly knows what caused the reason for the action perpetrated by the members of the party who worked tirelessly for Him and for the party during the last General elections.
It is important to note that party members did not pelt him with stones because he did not pay the rent for the secretariat office, that is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, Hon. Segun Ogunwuyi has gotten a bigger space in a more strategic area for the party and paid from his personal purse.
The main offence of the demystified majority leader of the Oyo State House of Assembly is that he attempted to play on the intelligence of loyal party men and women
Hon. Sanjo Adedoyin aside from being one of the major but silent financiers of the Anti – GSM group in Ogbomoso is also a failed representative of the people.
The people feel insulted that he left them to their fate for almost three years, did not reach out or connect with them in almost 1,000 days and when he suddenly realize that elections and primaries are near, he wants to come and cajole, sweet tongue and “scope” the party members again with his so called empowerment. The question in the lips of every party members who pelted the Majority Leaders of the Oyo Legislative Arm is why did he have to wait until few weeks to primary elections before reaching out to them.
The Party members genuinely felt that an elected Honourable that rode on the popularity of Governor Seyi Makinde to win elections should not neglect nor ignore loyal party members who didn’t feel his impact in almost three years. He refused to identify with the Party members during the Local Government Elections, Local Government and State Congresses and he wants their respect and Honor now.
What actually happened in Ogbomoso has nothing to do with the Honorable Chief of Staff nor his followers. Hon. Sanjo Adedoyin should sulk in peace and nurse his political accident in peace.
He should fix his issues with his party members and stop boasting that he will be imposed. If you have done well for the people in almost 3 years, why should you be afraid of a free and fair primary election?
Hon. Sanjo Adedoyin should stop dragging Hon. Segun Ogunwuyi into his failed mission as we will not allow any failed, misguided, unpopular and frustrated politician insult, denigrate or bring down the image of our highly revered leader and statesman.
Thank you.
Simeon Olufemi Ayankoya
Ward 3,
Ogbomoso South Local Government
P.R.O, PDP National Youth Frontiers, Ogbomoso South.

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