Video: Why Intending Couples Should Cohabit Before Marriage -Nollywood Singer, Simi

Video:Why Intending Couples Should Cohabit Before Marriage -Nollywood Singer, Simi

I’ve Never Charged Any Artist For A Feature -Simi Reveals

Video:Why Intending Couples Should Cohabit Before Marriage -Nollywood Singer, Simi
Video:Why Intending Couples Should Cohabit Before Marriage -Nollywood Singer, Simi

Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Simisola Kosoko better known by her stage name, Simi has revealed why couples should cohabit together before marriage.

According to a reported credited to , the mother of one, made this known on the latest episode of the Tea With Tay Podcast, as she explained her reason for supporting it. Using herself as an example, Simi disclosed that she lived with her husband, Adekunle Gold before they got married.

According to her, cohabiting with one’s partner, helps them know each other better before deciding to tie the knot. She added that you can never know your partner’s behavior if you don’t spend time with them.

“I used to go over to Adekunle Gold’s place for us to spend time together.

“I am of the opinion that… Maybe I shouldn’t share this opinion because I feel like religious people might not agree with me. I personally think that people who want to get married should live together for a little bit before they do that. Because I don’t think you really know someone that you’re going to marry until you cohabit. The way someone is when they are outside in their best behavior is different from how they are when they are cranky and they haven’t eaten or when they wake up in the morning or when they are snoring.

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“When you live with someone you know all the sides to them, that is when you really know if you can do forever with them. Millions of people have gotten married without living together. But I personally think it’s a good idea to cohabit before marriage. It doesn’t have to be for long.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she said never intended to marry a musician as she narrated how she met her husband, who she never knew was a singer.

Simi revealed that she met him as a graphic designer and mistook him for a fan who had been waiting to connect with her on Facebook.

“I didn’t know my husband was singing when I met him because I already said I cannot marry a singer. I thought he was even a fan. He used to do this ‘King of Photoshop’ at that time.

“He sent me a message on Facebook but I never saw it nor did I reply. I sensed that he would be good for me”.

Adekunle Gold got married to Simi in 2019 and they welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Deja in 2020.

A few days back, the couple celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary with the release of their music video.

The lovebirds took time to reminisce about the time they spent together for five years. The couple expressed how happy they are that their union is thriving.

I have never charged for feature – Simi

Meanwhile Simi also disclosed that she as never charged artist  for a feature,

Simi made this known in a recent episode of the Tea With Tay podcast.

In a report credited to  Daily Post, Simi said she’s selective of the kind of songs she features in and will only feature in the song if she really likes it.

“Till this moment, I have never charged for a feature. For me to do a feature I have to really like it.

“I have to like the song. If I like the song, give me half a day, I am done. If I don’t like the song I will most likely say no. It’s not personal. I can take a ‘No. Things are not personal, it’s just what it is .”

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