[Updated] Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack: Nigerians Mourn Overseas-Bound Doctor Shot By Terrorists

A black and tragic Monday hit Nigerians when suspected terrorists believed to be Boko Haram bomb Abuja – Kaduna train track containing over 1000 passengers.

Recall Eaglessightnews had earlier reported that a Kaduna-bound train derailed on Monday after explosives believed to be IED’s planted on the rail track went off around Katari, Kaduna State.

Following the urgly incident, news have comfirmed seven passengers killed claiming the live of an overseas-bound medical doctor, Chinelo Megafu, and several

According to Punch, Nigerians have taken to social media in expressing their displeasure over the terrorist attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train, resulting in the death of an overseas-bound medical doctor, Chinelo Megafu, and several other passengers on board.

Megafu reportedly died from gunshot injuries sustained during the terror attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train late Monday. She had during the attack announced on her Twitter that she was shot and asked for prayers.
She tweeted, “I’m in the train. I have been shot. Please pray for me.”

The PUNCH had reported how terrorists on Monday night bombed the Abuja-Kaduna rail tracks and attacked a train filled with passengers.

Subsequently, the Nigerian Railway Corporation on Tuesday announced the suspension of train operations along the Abuja-Kaduna route indefinitely following the attacks.

The train attack was coming after terrorists, numbering over 200, on Saturday invaded the Kaduna International Airport located in Igabi Local Government Area in Kaduna State, disrupting operation and killing one security personnel of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency.

The attack caused panic at the airport and reportedly grounded a Lagos-bound AZMAN aircraft scheduled to take off at 12:30 pm.

However, tweeps took to their Twitter handle on Tuesday, to mourn Chinelo’s tragic end while lamenting the worrisome state of insecurity in the country.

A Twitter user, with the handle @Stephadamu, said the late medical doctor already perfected her travel plans and was billed to leave Nigeria on Friday.

She tweeted, “Dr Chinelo was making an honest living, she was working at St Gerald’s hospital in Kaduna, she wanted more for herself and processed her papers to leave this hell-hole. She resigned last month to leave the country this Friday then this happened. Nigeria why???💔💔💔

They woke up and went around their normal activities with the intention to commute from Abuja to Kaduna not knowing that their worst nightmare would hit them and even take them away from their loved ones. Darkness hit us. Another tragedy hit this Nation!!! 28th March 2022.”

Also confirming her death, Chinelo’s colleague, Dr Michael Ajidahun, better known as The Bearded Dr Sina on Twitter while speaking with PUNCH Online, said the victim died at the hospital where she was taken to.

She studied Dentistry. She was travelling in the Abuja-Kaduna train and had tweeted that she had been shot but some people thought she was tweeting for clout.

“A mutual friend, who is a doctor at the hospital where she was taken to, confirmed she had died this morning,” he said.

Meanwhile, a former aide to Kano State Governor, Salihu Tanko Yakasai, while reacting to the incident, asked the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to resign.

Tweeting from the handle @Dawisu, he wrote, “President @MBuhari your government has failed us. We will continue to remind you this. I am reiterating my call for you to resign! If you can’t secure us we don’t want you there anymore. You lack empathy, you lack emotions, & you do not value our lives.

Anytime Nigerians are killed, @MBuhari through Garba & Femi will release a statement & call for security meeting in the Villa. Some actions will be taken but won’t be sustained, only for another attack to happen & they repeat the process. This cannot continue! #BuhariMustResign

“We are angry, we are mad, and we don’t want anything again but for @MBuhari to resign! It’s clear that you can not secure us. We don’t feel safe anymore in our homes let alone on the streets. We are frustrated, tired & can’t go on like this. #BuhariMustResign

See tweets from other Nigerians below:

@badniggafela – “That chinelo babe really died, just like that, gone? The concept of life doesn’t always make sense to me, how does one live to a certain age and boom, just like that, you stop to exist and nothing can be done? God grant her family strength too.”

Dr. Ayoade Alakija @yodifiji – “I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about and praying for this young medical doctor. I’ve just learned that she died by the train. Nigeria – why?!! I am heartbroken 💔 we must fix this country and stop destroying our future generations. Rest in Peace Chinelo. Rest in Peace.”

Also, popular comedian, Mr Macaroni wrote, “Those same set of people that attacked the late Chinelo are the same set that attacked and trolled me when the police brutalized me. These are sycophants who are loyal only to their political gods. They care not for this country and have no conscience whatsoever left in them.”

Jowo lamented how human life had ceased to have value in the country. She said, “The fact that human life is not worth more than a domestic animal these days, is a testament to how we’ve failed as a country and as a people. The news of death no longer hits as hard as it used to, it’s become a norm these days. Rest in peace Chinelo.”

Dr Megafu, a Dental Surgeon, graduated from the University Of Port Harcourt in 2016.

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