TRENDING[JusticeForDeborah]: Nigerians Drag Atiku For Deleting Reaction Against Sokoto Mob[Eagle’s…Details]

Eagles Sight News reports that there have been several reactions dragging Atiku for deleting his recent comment against the barbaric act of Sokoko angry mob who killed a female Christian youth for allegedly insulting Mohammed.

Atiku who Twitted yesterday and posted on his Facebook page

that the act is uncalled-for and demand justice has said to have swallowed his word due to the reaction of the northern youth who said he won’t get further vote from them.

Several celebrities and human right activists including mr macaroni, daniel rega,rinu have attacked this recent action by atiku.

“Atiku deleting his comment against sokoto mob shows that he has hypocrite…” Paul Adebanjo

Atiku deleting the tweet condemning the gruesome murder of Deborah shows what we have been preaching this whole election season.
“Politicians don’t care for the people. They only play to the gallery when seeking for our votes. The people must see beyond these gimmicks…”Mr Macaro

“Atiku u claim to be a leader & always preach of “One Nigeria” but yet can’t stand up for what is right even if it means u are standing alone; The fact u deleted ur posts condemning the death of Deborah (out of fear) shows u are all about ur self-interest. U are not a leader.”Daniel rega

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