Signs That Could Mean Danger In Pregnancy – Physician Counsels

Signs That Could Mean Danger In Pregnancy – Physician Counsels

A physician, Dr Olakunle Moteemi has called on expectant mothers to always watch out for warning signs that may negatively affect their pregnancies as it progresses.

Dr Moteemi during an interview with our correspondent in Osogbo on Wednesday said although the pregnancy period is to be enjoyed by mothers, the prevailing economic circumstances in the country, have made it a difficult time for some women

The physician disclosed that some signs may be bad news and portend danger to the mother and the growing foetus.

He explaine that “the warning signs in pregnancy can be, not feeling the baby kick, vaginal bleeding with or without tummy pain, massive swelling in the legs and face, feeling of short breath or extreme tiredness always.”

He said, “Not feeling the baby kick, could mean that the baby is in distress and without acting fast by going to the hospital, the baby may die inside the womb without the mother knowing.

“Having vaginal bleeding in pregnancy is never something to take for granted. In early pregnancy, it could be a sign of a miscarriage. In late pregnancy, it could be a sign of abnormal separation of the placenta or bleeding from a low-lying placenta. These are serious conditions that require urgent care.

“Mild swelling of the legs is common in pregnancy. But massive leg swelling or swelling of the face needs to be checked.

Lastly, feeling extremely tired or short of breath in pregnancy may be a sign of low blood level.”

While cautioning that the signs should not be taken lightly, he explained that such symptoms should prompt expectant mothers to see a doctor immediately.

Credit: Daily Post

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