Shoplifting Allegation Against Popular Actress ‘Toyin Adegbola’s (Toyin Tomato) Daughter, Shoprite Management Begs For Settlement.

According to her, security officers at the mall accused her child of stealing and then went ahead to molest her.

Toyin Adegbola, the Nollywood actress, aka Toyin Tomato, caused a scene at the Shoprite in Ring Road, Ibadan, on Saturday, March 26, after officials in the establishment accused her daughter of shoplifting and allegedly molested her.

Toyin Tomato said she left the hospital bed where she was receiving a drip to the mall to address the issue. According to her, security officers at the mall accused her child of stealing and then went ahead to molest her. She demanded to see the CCTV footage as well as an explanation of how the alleged theft happened.

She also threatened to sue the establishment if they do not provide proof of the allegation.

Meanwhile according to NPO reports, the management of Shopprite in Ibadan has sought an amicable settlement with popular Actress, Toyin Adegbola (popularly called Toyin Tomato) after her daughter was allegedly molested at the Ring Road, Ibadan and accused of shoplifting.

According to sources, Adegbola had gone online in a viral video where she stormed the mall demanding for evidence against her daughter to confirm the allegation.

Some of the staff were seen pleading with Adegbola not to pursue the matter further just as she insisted her lawyer would take up the matter over the act of intimidation and harassment.

Recall, Adegbola claimed she left her hospital bed over the matter.

Speaking with journalists on the matter on Sunday,
She said one of the security men had told her daughter he wanted to have a discussion with her privately adding that the daughter declined asking the official to say what he had in mind openly.

It was alleged that the refusal by Adegbola’s daughter to give the security personnel any private audience later made him to turn around and alleged that one of the items in her bag were not receipted.

To clear this off air, sources had reported that officials of ShopRite visited Adegbola in her residence Sunday evening to plead with the actress not to pursue the matter legally.

Adegbola had demanded to see face to face with the security official.

According to a source close to the matter, the representatives of the retail outlet came to the residence of the actress with gifts as part of efforts to appease her.
It could not be confirmed if she accepted the gifts from them.

It was also learnt that the actress told the representatives that the husband of her daughter had called from the United States to demand that the company must be made to pay for the assault and molestation of his wife.

A source at the company also revealed to the NPO Reports that the representatives had put a call through to their overall boss who was said to be out of the country to personally apologise to the actress.

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