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Last four years of APC government in Oyo State was very challenging for the good people of the state especially, civil servants( both serving and Pensioners), traditional leaders and students.

The state university, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) was closed down, Ibadan traditional councils laws was tampered with, civil servants and pensioners were denied their salaries and pension for many months and Oyo State people were pushed beyond the limit.

In 2019 election, the state and her people desired change and voted for Engr Oluseyi Makinde.

Engr. Seyi Makinde against all odds emerged the governor of the State in an election that majority of the political gatekeepers believed it would be difficult for someone like him to defeat the incumbent and his political party.

During his swearing-in ceremony held at Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, Oke-Ado in Ibadan, In his speech, he stated and I quote “I am here as your governor to serve you”. He promised to turn the futune of the state’s education, health institution, agriculture and other sectors, with the priority on joint ownership of Lautech, Free Education, traditional laws sanity, development of Agricultural businesses, Better welfarism for the civil servants, Increase internally generated revenue and correct APC and her government’s mistakes, in which over 75% has been fulfilled and delivered.

Gov. Seyi Makinde has written an history that many generations to come will be proud of.
LAUTECH Ownership was achieved in just two years in office, Ibadan traditional councils laws that was tampered with by the late former Governor was resolved, civil servants and pensioner are smiling to the banks every 25th of each month.

His government employed over 5000 teachers, 692 education officers, over 600 health officers, over 1500 personnel were recruited to serve as Amotekun Corps, approved new car loan package for teachers and promotion from 2017 to 2020 was also approved for the entire work-force in the state. Oyo State is the only state in the country pre and post COVID-19 that employed over 7000 new staff till date.

His government has expanded the tax nets and this has improved and increased the IGR of the State and put the state as one of the few self-sufficient states in the country.

The travellers and farmers are now enjoying the inter-link township roads, traveling from Ibadan to Iseyin to Saki has been made easier and safer compared to the harrowing experience of commuters and travellers under the previous APC government. Oyo-Iseyin and Ogbomosho- Iseyin roads are under construction, while Ibadan to Eruwa, Eruwa-Igbo ora to Igangan which was awarded but badly constructed by Ajimobi led APC administration are now under reconstruction.

Other massive achievements of Seyi Makinde government is economic expansion through Agriculture, New Land policies, New Housing estates and Transportation. Four Bus Terminal Stations was approved immediately after the swearing in, two terminals (Challenge and Oojo) are ready for commissioning. About 10,000 youths were taken to Nasarrawa for Agro-business Training, while Contractors are working on the new farm estates.

He has also fulfilled his promise to secure the state, over 200 security vehicles with communication gadgets has been bought, with the installation of CCTV, creation of the Amotekun Security outfit with over 200km of street lights has be delivered, the state is working on independent power plant to power the street lights and other public infrastructures.

One of his promises was to reborn the health sector and bring it closer to the masses, he has also fulfilled and delivered over 222 health care centers in 222 wards across the state, State general hospitals were not left out of Seyi Makinde’s midas touch.

Oyo State is now one of the state that can play a football match at night under the floodlights, special thanks to a promise keeper, Engr. Seyi Makinde. The newly renovated Adamashigba Stadium is one of the best in the Country and West Africa. Other Township Stadiums in the state also enjoy the patronage of the governor.

His free Education policy is doing fine against all odds and over 10 thousand out of school children are back to the classroom.

Governor Oluseyi Makinde has touched all the sectors and all the geo-political zones in the state has also benefited from his developmental plans.

He is truly a promise keeper and a servant to the good people of the state.

We should all start to imagine the new Oyo State under the leadership of Gov. Seyi Makinde and what Oyo state will look like by May 29, 2027 under his watch.

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