Makinde’s Safer:Gov Makinde and His Effulgent Pragmatic Action, A leaf To Be Taken From His Book|Moyo

Fuel Subsidy Palliatives: Gov Makinde and His Effulgent Pragmatic Action, A leaf to be taken from his book|Moyosooreluwa member of GSM Advocates

Safer:Gov Makinde and His Effulgent Pragmatic Action, A leaf To Be Taken From His Book
Safer:Gov Makinde and His Effulgent Pragmatic Action, A leaf To Be Taken From His Book

Beyond rhetorics and expectations, many people taught Governor Makinde will lose the 2019 elections but quite unfortunate for them, the forgotten stone became the cornerstone hence the victory on March 9, 2019

Surprisingly, for everyone to know that God’s time is the ultimate and he alone can install a King and uninstall as well being the supreme kingmaker, there were showers of Heavy Downpour as a sign that truly it is Fresh Waters ( OMITUNTUN ) and to proof the political juggernauts, vilified politicians wrong that this is God at work for Engr. Seyi Makinde (ESM) then.

Many that believes in his personality who is a successful business tycoon in the private sector were not part of the doubting Thomases like others did. The few that were convinced about his leadership capacity, fell in love to work with him upon his swearing-in on May 29, 2019.

As they say, “Without a fall one does not know how to pack his/her loads”. It became pertinent for people like me whose belief and trust in ESM can’t be poisoned by any unscrupulous elements hence my absolute dedication, loyalty, support, and commitment towards his success in the course of the four years mandate.

However, he set the pace 2019-2023 administration on four pillars namely Health, Security, Education, and Expansion of Economy through Agribusiness to be based on three models as indicators and parameters: Logic, Data, and Science to measure the effects and effectiveness on those pillars listed.

These and other wisdom apparatus gave him a success storyline on OMITUNTUN 1.0 tagged Accelerated Development Goal 2019-2023. I must let you know this, he laid some futuristic painful foundation that could in the long term be gainful to all.

Before I submit, we are now in OMITUNTUN 2.0 tagged Sustainable Development Goal for Growth, and taking our people from Poverty to Prosperity. In the early days of this month, August 2023, a one-week strike came up by the NLC, TUC, and other labour force, state civil servants in Oyo State on the fuel Subsidy palava, hike in the price of the commodity, two months owed salary deductions telling on their expenses.

On this bases, Mr. Governor came out on Sunday night at about 9 pm, 06/08/2023 to make a state-wide broadcast in response to workers’ agitation so as to address and arrest the situation promptly. He gave some clear declarations on provisions for Youths for Agropreneurs (YEAP 500M), SMEs (500M), Poorest of the poor individual (200,000) for food relief packages as palliatives, Pensioners to get free Health Insurance through OYHISA (100,000) and Farmers inputs support to 10,000 individual, while on transportation as a major area of moving from one location to another through the office of the PTS Chairman and Sole Administrator, Hon. Dr. Ibraheem Oladeji Salami to provide subsidized rates for Aged, Students and Expansion of intracity omituntun mass transit to other five geopolitical zones while interstate is in the pipeline.

Speaking further, he declared that all mentioned pillars shall be treated under the SAfER Programme ( Sustainable Action for Economic Recovery) hence the 15-man committee set up to make it a reality.

He also assured them of complete payment of their two months‘ salary deductions owed to be paid alongside their salary on the same GSM date as well added more Omituntun Mass Transit to the existing to cover others.


Today, show me a Governor in Nigeria that has taken such bold, pragmatic, and effulgent steps like the Man Called MAKINSSON The Ilufemiloye1 Aare Atunluse Aare Orile Igbon Kingdom The Idan Gangan the Executive Governor of Oyo State, His Excellency Engr Dsc GSSRS KJW Abiodun Oluseyi (Saheed) Makinde FNSE has done unlike others giving out 5,000 and 10,000 as well reducing the number of days to come for work hence affecting their economic growth and recovery.


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