Revolutionizing Environmental Sanitation in Oyo State: Another Groundbreaking of Makinde’s Administration

  • Revolutionizing Environmental Sanitation in Oyo State: Another Groundbreaking of Makinde’s Administration

By Yso Oladunni, a member of GSM Advocates

In recent times, the environmental sanitation situation in Oyo State has witnessed a significant shift from its previously poor state. Thanks to the diligent efforts of Honorable Commissioner for Environment, Hon. Abdul-mojeed Mogbonjubola, and the unwavering commitment of Governor Engr Seyi Makinde, the sector has undergone a remarkable transformation. This progress is truly commendable and worthy of recognition.

One notable aspect of the government’s effort is their proactive approach in addressing the issue of flooding. With heavy rainfall forecasts for Oyo State, Governor Makinde’s administration, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, has initiated extensive dredging of rivers and implemented preventive measures to mitigate the impact of flooding. These measures have effectively protected communities from potential disasters and ensured the safety of residents.

Moreover, the Ministry, under the guidance of Hon. Abdul-mojeed Mogbonjubola, has played a pivotal role in educating and sensitizing citizens about impending environmental hazards. Through various awareness campaigns and outreach programs, the government has successfully raised public awareness on the importance of proper waste disposal and the dangers of roadside dumping. This proactive approach has fostered a sense of responsibility among the people of Oyo State, leading to a significant reduction in indiscriminate waste disposal practices.

To further enhance environmental sanitation, the involvement of traditional leaders such as Mogajis, baales, and traditional rulers is crucial. Governor Makinde’s administration recognizes the influential role these leaders play in their respective communities. By actively engaging them in promoting compliance with the state’s environmental architecture, the government aims to create a collective sense of responsibility and encourage responsible waste management practices. This inclusive approach not only benefits the environment but also creates job opportunities for local residents as part of the refuse collection workforce.

Additionally, the government is exploring avenues to ensure comprehensive compliance from all quarters. By allowing sanitation officers to be part of the state’s environmental architecture at the local government level, the enforcement of environmental laws can be strengthened. This collaborative approach not only promotes adherence to regulations but also serves as a means of revenue generation for the state. It is important to note that involving local governments, will enable effective regulation of environmental practices.

The remarkable progress made in transforming environmental sanitation in Oyo State is a testament to the dedication and efforts of Honorable Commissioner Hon. Abdul-mojeed Mogbonjubola, Governor Engr Seyi Makinde, and their team. Through targeted clearing operations, preventive measures against flooding, public sensitization, and the involvement of traditional leaders, the government has brought about a positive change. However, their commitment to education, community engagement, and enforcement of environmental regulations at the local level will further enhance Oyo State’s environmental sanitation landscape. This noteworthy achievement sets a standard for other states to emulate, positioning Oyo State as a leader in environmental sanitation practices.

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