REVEALED: 10 Things Women Love About S3x But Are Afraid To Tell You[A MUST READ FOR MARRIED ,See Photos]-EAGLESSIGHTNEWS

REVEALED: 10 Things Women Love About S3x But Are Afraid To Tell You[A MUST READ FOR MARRIED ]-EAGLESSIGHTNEWS


So you won’t see them as cheap, ignore them, disregard their feelings or outright reject them (rejection hurts like hell!) This can make a woman break down emotionally, become frigid, hate sex and see herself as worthless.

Sexual rejection from a husband can make a woman see herself as less desirable and ruin her self esteem by 80%! One of the ways you can boost your wife’s self esteem is to make her know she is super hot, super sexy, and sexually desirable to you.

Why is your wife cold in bed and doesn’t respond sexually to you?
Why does she hate sex?

Why is she frigid?

May be because you don’t know these Ten (10) things and she is sick or afraid of telling you. Get to know them now and set her loose from all inhibition.

By the time you are through and practice them continuously, your wife should have become a glorified husband seductress you never imagined! Let’s go!

Women love variety in bed: Same touch, same way, same method, same place, same time is super boring to a woman! Women love adventure. That is why we don’t wear same clothe 7 days a week. Variety is the spice of sex. How you touch her yesterday may not be how she wants to be touched today. She may want back rub yesterday but toe massage today. It is your job to notice her, read her like a book and know when she wants passion or tenderness.

Women love romance: gentle, passionate kisses, soft touches at the right places gradually sets a woman on fire!

Women love to talk before sex: Listening to her about how her day went makes you super sexy to a woman. Do not undress her till you have undressed her heart.

Women love to be on top: May be not all women but most. It keeps her in charge, control the depth and watch you enjoy her front view.

Women will gladly give a quickie in the kitchen, toilet, anywhere, any how you want it if you will respect her, show love, be tender, affectionate and not see her as a sex object for quick release.

Women love to have their clitoris stroked tenderly, affectionately, appropriately at the right time before and during sex.

Women don’t care about the size of your penis as long as you know how to make good use of it, hit the right place, position at the right angle and get her moan in pleasure.

Women will gladly oblige to any sexual position as long as it gives her orgasm.

The fuel of sexual passion for a woman is love, care, attention, affection and generosity which you make a lifestyle, give her all the time not just at the moment you want sex. It makes her bond with you emotionally and eagerly makes love to you.

Women love long drive and hate premature ejaculation. If you can withhold long enough before shooting and give her some pleasure, she will enjoy love making, enjoy you, pursue you and eagerly have sex with you.


The post is strictly for legally married couples not kids who should be facing their studies. If you go into premarital sex, you lose favour with God, experience shame, sorrow and a crises laden marriage awaits you.

Waiting for sex in marriage pays. You will have all the sex you want and enjoy it to the maximum if you do things right!

There is absolutely no need to rush.


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