Press Release: Yes! Makinde Is Bad Market To Your Party’s Gross Incompetence, Monumental Failure – Oyo PDP Slams Aleshinloye, Oyo APC|Read In Full

Press Release

Yes! Makinde Is Bad Market To Your Party’s Gross Incompetence, Monumental Failure – Oyo PDP Carpets Aleshinloye, Oyo APC
The Oyo State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has reacted to a statement credited to the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) via one of it’s chieftains, Abass Aleshinloye, over the weekend where Governor Makinde was said to be bad market for the opposition party if the governor were to join the APC describing the statement as the bitter truth expressed negatively.
The ruling party, Oyo state PDP, is reacting to Aleshinloye’s statement following what former PDP member Femi Fani-Kayode, while speaking to newsmen in Abuja shortly after his official decampment to APC that he (Fani-Kayode) was working to lure Governor Makinde and another governor alongside himself to the APC.
According to a press statement by Oyo State PDP Spokesperson, Akeem Olatunji on Monday Sept. 27 and made available to newsmen described Aleshinloye’s statement as very laughable and better left at the state of wishful thinking of a deluded party that’s yet to term with the level of utter disgust and rejection Nigerians now have towards APC.
Oyo PDP averred that while it was not out of place for any individual, group, or association to wish for something good or aspire to have a leader who would genuinely represent the interest of the general populace, it was however, more delusional for such dreams and aspirations to be predicated on wishful thinking as against applicable reality.
Olatunji in the party’s press statement said only clowns, deluded individuals or political group lacking in focus and direction will take words and statements emanating from the camp of APC or any of its members in Oyo state seriously stressing that the people of Oyo state are still healing up from the agonizing trauma inflicted on the people by the gross incompetent and failed government of Oyo APC for eight interrupted years.
The ruling party in the state however, advised Aleshinloye and Oyo chapter of APC to tender an unreserved apology to the people of the state for every trouble and pain it plunged the people into with way and manner it ruled the state without the slightest fear of God or guilt of conscience seeing how the APC government between 2011–2019 failed in all sectors and making life unbearable for residents in the state during the period.
Oyo State PDP expressed it’s excitement and sense of pride as the ruling party which was brought about by the sterling performance of Governor Makinde across all sectors in less than 3 years which undoubtedly has surpassed Oyo APC’s entire eight years put together including the highly improved quality of life, standard of living, as well as sense of pride restore to Indigenes and residents of the pacesetter’s state.
“What the Oyo state chapter of APC has said about Governor Seyi Makinde who is a shining light at this time and generation through one of it’s chieftains, Abass Aleshinloye, that our Governor was bad market to their dead and idea-bereaved party is entirely true because Makinde is and will always be bad market for gross incompetence, corruption, extremely greedy and a failed political party as APC.
“The statement credited to APC via Aleshinloye who was notorious for frivolous and reckless statement just to be in the news about Makinde joining their party is at best delusional and mere wishful thinking by a dead party desperately in search of a saviour who will have at least close pedigree and political will to deliver on the people’s mandate as Governor Makinde.
“For the sake of record and emphasis, Oyo state residents are still enjoying their governor, Seyi Makinde, who has redefined the political landscape in Oyo state with the paradigm shift from political few to the general welfare and development of the state making it easy today for sons and daughters of nobody to become respected and notable members of the society without any political connection or affinity.
“It is clear to all Nigerians especially in Oyo state that the change mantra of the APC was grossly mistaken for a positive change because of the initial disposition of people towards ‘change’ as a word. Nigerians now deeply regret ever making such a sore mistake of commiting their collective destiny into the hands of APC in Oyo state which today has even transcended the borders of the state.
“Governor Makinde is our pride in PDP not only in Oyo state but Nigeria as a whole and such a star should not be expected by agents of darkness better known for retrogression and backwardness because such wishful thinking will remain a traumatizing mirage that is better left in their imaginations.” Oyo PDP said.

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