Political Aggrieveness and Ibarapa political theory|Yomi Ojo

Political Aggrieveness and Ibarapa political theory by Yomi Ojo

History will remember majority of us in our dealings with people inside and outside politics.
Political interests and benefits has redefined the way we play politics of bitterness.
Oyo State indigenes, home and abroad are fully aware of the on going  developments in the state under the leadership of H.E Gov. Oluseyi Makinde in all the regions in the state, especially regions outside Oyo State capital.
I am not surprised, when  faceless/aggrieved politicians hide under the guise of people in diaspora to express their political grievances towards the Governor of the state by a press release from a fake and faceless Ibarapa group in diaspora.
It would have been more matured if the faceless politicians behind that fake story faced the governor and leave the good people of Ibarapaland out of their personal issues with Gov. Seyi Makinde.
No one is perfect but we  are all aware of the efforts of his Excellency to transform all the regions in the state, One of his core projects is to transform farm settlements to farm estate in which Eruwa Farm Settlement got the attention of the state government and the contractor is working day and night on the said project.
Two Ibarapa indigenes in the Civil service enjoyed the blessing of the present government, when His Excellency Governor Oluseyi Makinde  appointed 5 permanent secretaries and two of them are  from Eruwa and Igbo-Ora in  Ibarapaland. (PS Ministry of finance and Former PS Local government and Chieftaincy Matters).
With the sense of duty and as a responsible government, Engr Seyi Makinde made sure that relative peace was restored to Ibarapaland after the ugly  incident in Igangan, we will recall that the governor slept  in the area for three days and met all the stakeholders, this was to prove that His Excellency See’s himself as the son of Ibarapaland and a governor of everyone. 
On June 1, 2021 Oyo State government awarded Isaba-Ogundoyin road in Eruwa town among other roads in the state and the reconstruction of Ibadan-Eruwa road was captured in 2022 budget.
Personal issues shouldn’t be taken too far by involving innocent people to settle political scores. The name mentioned in the said press release were fake and not traceable.
Let me use this medium to tell the bad belle politicians in the state that nobody can use the good people of a town or the state against the present government, PDP lead government in the state is fully aware of his responsibilities to each region  and people of the state. 
I will love to advise our politicians, especially oppositions in the state to fear God in their actions, planned propaganda and press statement and they should also have it in mind that Oyo  state politics has moved from old way of “Lemo Politics” to an innovative politics introduced by the present leader of PDP in the south west states of the country, Engr. Oluseyi Makinde.
May God continue to bless H.E Gov. Oluseyi Makinde.
May God continue to bless Ibarapaland!!
May God continue to bless Oyo State!!!
Otunba Yomi Ojo
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