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PDP Ward Congress: Makinde Calls For Unity, Urges Aggrieved Members To Embrace Resolution

……No parallel election is noticed in Oyo
– Phillip Shaibu, Chairman, PDP Ward Congress
Governor ‘Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, on Saturday, called for unity among members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, declaring that aggrieved members should give room for resolution.
The governor, who spoke at Ward 11, Ibadan North East Local Government, said that he was happy that the people of Oyo State are excited about the rulling party (PDP) in the state.
He said: “I see excitement with the people. They want to be participants in the democratic process to select their leaders to run the affairs of the party at the ward level. So, for me, it is democracy in action. “And also with the fact that we have been in government slightly above two years now, the people are still excited about their party. It is something that calls for celebration for us.
“Well, the exercise today went peacefully. I expect other congresses to be peaceful as well.
“Everywhere around the state, the people are excited because they are getting dividends of democracy. So, I believe the excitement is all over the state.”
He tasked members of the PDP to stay united, adding that the time has come for the aggrieved members to bring their grievances to the table for amicable resolution.
He added: “For the PDP members in Oyo State, I want to ask them to stay unified because we can do quite a lot in unity.
“And for some who are angry or aggrieved, let them bring their issues to the table, we will address them. Politics is about conflict and resolution of conflict within interaction of people.”
The governor maintained that the PDP has come to stay in the state, adding that the party will soon take power at the Federal level.
“So, we are not ruling out making overtures to them and getting them also to be a part of this process. This is because PDP is here to stay in Oyo State and the PDP is also poised to take over power at the Federal level. So, you don’t leave a winning team,” Makinde said.
Speaking earlier, the Chairman, PDP Ward Congress Committee, who is the Deputy Governor Office Edo State, Hon. Philip Shaibu,
said that the Committee did not notice any parallel congress in the state.
He added that the ward congresses have been “so peaceful.”
He said: “So far, so good, all the talks of having parallel election has not been noticed and what is key today is that the process has been peaceful.
“No report of any violence anywhere and that is one thing we have been afraid of since yesterday.”
He said the party will settle all internal issues among its members amicably .
He added: “Interestingly, all through the night, we were having discussions and phone calls to some of them that feel aggrieved. We will settle our internal issues and I am happy that we are already discussing.
“We are here to do the right thing and to conduct a free, fair and credible Congress.”
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