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Name: Eagle’s Sight News
Website Address: eaglessightnews.com.ng
Publisher Name: Eagle’s Sight News

Editors: Obayomi, Jide ,Tunde 
Phone: 08158424194
Email: eaglessightnews@gmail.com

Launch date: Dec 17th, 2020.

What we do:

Eaglessightnews is a registered online news paper in Nigeria with wide reach. We report local, national;and global happenings on politics, religion metro, business, entertainment, sports opinions and more.


-To be a Top notch online news platform unveiling the truth with first hand information in the media industry by ensuring accuracy and uniqueness contents.


– remain an exceptional source of truth

– bring first hand information .

– use our platform to against human rights violation, oppression, criminality, racism, religion fights, injustice and other misfortune via unbiased report, survey and detailed findings.

-hold governmental bodies, lawmakers, religion ruler & traditional rulers accountable on subjects that affect the masses.o enlighten the masses on useful topics on health, security, relationships, entrepreneurship among others

– educate the masses on the norms and values of the society.

Major focus:

• Make news light to access

• Be simple in presentation

Target audience:

Local, national and global which includes

Law enforcement personnels
Religion leaders,
Traditional leaders,
Music, Sports and, entertainment, enthusiasts,
Business men & women,
civil servants.

Our main categories:








World news





Jobs and Interview

Our position:

We are a registered online news paper in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission.

One of the first class online newspapers awarded for best political and security reports, especially in the case of Government & Boko haram insurgency

Known for first hand and breaking news .

An online newspaper renowned for its consistent human rights promotion in all aspects.

An online news paper that has one of the highest and massive traffics on all social handles .

Where ever you go Eagle’s Sight News is at your closet as we are visible all over the world.

Eaglessightnews makes the different in media companies as we unveil the truth not hidden the lies.

Kindly stay tuned by following us and subscribing to our channels.