Pacesetter Transport Services: Another Facet of Seyi Makinde’s Benevolence

Pacesetter Transport Services: Another Facet of Seyi Makinde’s Benevolence

Pacesetter Transport Services: Another Facet of Seyi Makinde's Benevolence
Pacesetter Transport Services: Another Facet of Seyi Makinde’s Benevolence

Transportation is a crucial factor in any economy. Without the efficient movement of goods and services, an economy can be grounded to a halt, leading to a collapse of infrastructure and services.

Transportation serves as the backbone of both National and Local Development. This became glaringly evident during the 2020 global epidemic, the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused numerous businesses to collapse and led to suffering and loss of lives due to hunger and sickness. In essence, transportation is life itself and a means to lively tourism.

Recognizing the pivotal role that transportation plays in our society, the media has shown great interest in the activities of Oyo State Pacesetter Transport Services (PTS), led by its dynamic and energetic Chairman/Sole Administrator Honorable (Dr.) Ibraheem Oladeji Salami DIKKO.

Reputable media outlets have sought to gain firsthand insight into the transportation agenda that PTS is spearheading for the people of Oyo State. In recent times, Honorable DIKKO had granted numerous interviews, shedding more light on Gov Makinde’s SAfER Program for this critical sector of the economy. He has effectively communicated the initiatives and measures put in place by the government to mitigate the effects of Fuel subsidy removal and alleviate the hardships it may have imposed on the masses.

During his latest interview on the popular Yoruba program “Agbami Oselu” with ace Fresh FM presenter Alhaji Abolade Salami, his name sake, Hon. DIKKO comprehensively explained the Oyo State government’s strategy to alleviate the suffering of the less privilege in the state.

He highlighted the expansion of PTS Omituntun Mass Transit Services on major routes in the state, increasing the fleet from (5) five buses to approximately (57) fifty-seven buses, at least 32 buses within Ibadan, 10 buses plying other zones for inter city movement namely: Ogbomosho, Oyo, Saki, Iseyin and Ibarapa ( Eruwa and Igboora), and another 6 buses stationed outside Ibadan to help commuters movement within those zones.

He also outlined the efforts underway to reposition PTS, with the approval of the state Governor, Engr. Dsc. GSSRS KJW Abiodun Seyi Makinde FNSE.

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One recurring question posed by interviewers was about the elderly commuters in the state. Honorable Dikko clarified that approximately 25% of the tickets have been allocated to support this vulnerable but critical demographic of commuters.

Furthermore, he elaborated on reduced ticket prices for students.
This particular initiative has garnered praises from both supporters and critics, affirming Governor Makinde as a leader who champions the welfare of his people first.

In Oyo State, as in many other government departments and agencies, all policies revolve around one central question: How will this policy or action benefit the people of Oyo State?

Honorable Dikko, during the interview, has effectively portrayed Governor Seyi Makinde as a leader who cares deeply for the well-being of the masses and highly dedicated to assisting the less privilege. While profit remains a primary objective for any business establishment, GSM, through PTS, has once again demonstrated his commitment to aiding the people of Oyo State, especially in the transportation sector.

Based on Honorable Dikko’s words during the interview, it is evident that better days are on the horizon for the good people of Oyo State in the realm of transportation through Gov. Makinde’s Sustainable Action For Economic Recovery Plans.

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