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Gsm and the rudiments of Governance
By Abiodun Oluwaseun (LAUREL)
Good Governance includes identifying a vision, developing a strategy, selecting and supporting a leadership to deliver that strategy, assurance that progress is being made, the stewardship of resources, and the guardianship of quality and safety – all done to the highest stands of probity and transparency.
Some years before 2019, Oyo State people were likened to the popular saying “On your own” (Oyo lo wa) i.e one who lacks leadership and the assurance of a guardian. During these years, workers, teachers, artisans, traders, students had their fair share of a monumental bad and misfit leadership under the last administration. As a matter of fact, 2011 – 2018 is one that many Oyo State workforce wished did not happen in their lifetime except for some selfish individuals who were part of the disaster having benefitted from the rot in leadership of the previous administration.
It is safe to rename the draconian administration as the “PHARAOH REGIME”  led by an individual who found joy in the enslavement of  Oyo State citizens to please members of his inner caucus. It remains on record and will stand the test of time that the Pharaoh Regime sent a lot of Oyo State Pensioners, retirees, LAUTECH staff and State workers to early and untimely grave more than Covid -19 in Oyo state. As if that was not enough, they ended the education of so many students abruptly, retrenched a lot of workers, refused to pay salaries, depleted the State account and inflated the budget with no result. 
The prayers and supplications of the majority of the Oyo citizens entered heavens hall that birthed the NEW DAWN MANDATE (OMITUNTUN). Fast forward to May 2019, the people of Oyo State successfully crossed the Red Sea with an umbrella big enough to accommodate all and sundry. The required and desired belief of an unprecedented leadership began to brew in the people of Oyo State and within the shortest period of time the new Dawn mandate began to manifest and each sector of the State economy began to take shape and they received a boost as expected of a State undergoing a transformation under the call of the Chief Security Officer. 
The tides turned and it was time for the people of Oyo state to enjoy and take the Centre stage, to be cared for, adored, and looked up to for directions as the pace setter state that they are. There is a new sheriff in town who is cool headed, disciplined, calm, cultured, gentle, yet, strong-willed to make a difference and in a matter of months, he pulled what looks like an uphill task, started sanctioning the payment of salaries as and when due, appointed the youngest Commissioner, gave scholarships and bursaries to Oyo State indigenes at the Law School, increased the budgetary allocation of education, took over the responsibility and ownership of LAUTECH for the State, kick started the light-up Oyo project, inaugurated the AMOTEKUN security Outfit, flag off several road projects, kick started the AKUFO/Fashola farms, attracted investors that are seeking several partnerships with the State government to develop the State with several other laudable feats which has changed the wheels of fortune of the people of the State and made the State the destination of most people looking for a working environment, a place of settlement and a place for their businesses to thrive.
Just for assurance that progress is being made, I will admonish all to take few minutes to check and compare on all the indices of several  sectors of the economy, the Internally Generated Revenue of the State in comparison with the Pharaoh regime and one would wonder if justice could be served to the people who supported the draconian administration to swindle the state and make one believe all the feat by Governor Seyi Makinde was not achievable in times past.
Oyo is in safe hands, a government that is transparent, open to criticism, ready to accept and admit their mistakes, make amendment where necessary is not been applauded enough, one would expect social media warriors, political analyst, elites and big wigs to support and help the administration achieve its goal to lead the oyo people to the promise land, sharing ideas, suggesting practical way forward to better the lots of the people of Oyo state. 
 Nevertheless a good product  can not be concealed and the performance speaks for itself and the Oyo people who have tasted from both administration is the umpire.
Good or Bad what is their stance ? 
Till I write again,
I am Abiodun Oluwaseun (Laurel)

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