I had to read the Facebook post by Deji Adeyanju several times to understand the underlining motives and I knew it is not such post one must ignore or treat with the face value. A journalist of his repute won’t post about a person (not situation) for just the sake of it, particularly someone he alluded in same post to be popular. So, I would rather patiently analyse his post, rather than just comment on his Facebook account. Let’s analyse some of the fallacious submissions:

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1. “SEYI MAKINDE THE ZERO GUY”: When you start a post or article with such statement, then you’re not just being very offensive but also deeply rooted in bitterness. The question one asks is how is he “Zero”; as a person or as a Governor? Even a mad man would attest to the fact that Engr Seyi Makinde was by every means a huge success before his political voyage, so why would Deji say such and even start his post with that? As a Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde has made great strides, big impacts in governance and demonstrated leadership; so much so that even Asiwaju Bola Tinubu acknowledged it recently. So how can you call him “Zero guy?”. Well, Deji started with Seyi Makinde the Zero guy, not Governor Seyi Makinde the Zero guy; that literally means it was really his person he wanted to attack, not the governance of Oyo State. With that, one can conclude that Deji Adeyanju needs medical attention.
2. WITH 100% SOCIAL MEDIA PROPAGANDA: 100% is an unsurpassable excellent performance but let’s see what it takes to have that score if truly Deji’s rating was correct: that means he has full dominance of information on all social Media platforms with absolutely no dissenting posts. I don’t know anyone with such social Media rating, not even clergymen or traditional rulers who often demonstrate unquestionable authorities. Again, Deji has demonstrated he is not in full charge of his reasoning because it is not reasonable to describe a “Zero guy” with 100% rating in the same sentence. Mr Deji Adeyanju needs our prayers. 
3. MIGHT DESTROY PDP IN SOUTHWEST: It would have been more reasonable to express fear of destroying PDP in Oyo State than southwest because the Seyi Makinde he is attacking is not contesting for regional governorship. He didn’t contest to lead Southwest PDP and the major contending force against his leadership of Southwest PDP has reconciled with him. So, the interest of Deji in Southwest PDP requires further investigations because this love is very choking.
4. THE WAY THOSE PAID TO HYPE HIM ON SOCIAL MEDIA: This is very interesting because when we juxtapose the Zero guy, the 100% with this statement, then Deji is suggesting all those on Facebook who promote Governor Seyi Makinde are all paid to do so. However, because he said 100% social media propaganda, then we can conclude it is only Deji Adeyanju that is running in the contrary direction because all others have been bought. The next question is: so who is bankrolling Deji Adeyanju’s attack, since he claimed others have been bought to hype? That was a fallacy of generalisation.

5. WAS IN IBADAN TWICE VERY BRIEFLY : For someone who wants to make assessment of Oyo State or Ibadan, one would have expected Deji to mention the exact locations of his visits and what he saw that disappointed him but he avoided that deliberately. I doubt if NBA would hold an event in interior Ibadan or anywhere besides Iyaganku and Bodija axes of the metropolis, so where in Ibadan gave Mr Deji Adeyanju such impression if truly it was not just from the figment of his imaginations and deep rooted bitterness in his heart?. You must agree with me that someone with a screwed mind can’t see goodies or dish out wisdom; for out of the abundance of the heart, the pen writes also. 
Deji Adeyanju is desperately seeking attention ahead of 2023 elections and he needs our prayers because he is becoming incoherent, disjointed and very unreasonable in his submissions. 
Rotimi Johnson -OJASOPE (ANIPR, FPD-CR)
Public Affairs Analyst & Sociopolitical commentator. 

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