By Olatunji Sulaiman Lexyman
A Member of GSM Advocates

The unproductive and lackadaisical attitude of Hon. Tolulope Akande Sadipe of APC toward the people and development of Oluyole Federal Constituency is enough reason to find a better alternative. In Yoruba land, it is a popular maxim that any deity we worship for four years without tangible achievement does not deserve any more sacrifice.

In 2019 when Hon. Sadipe was aspiring to represent Oluyole, she came with so many promises and expectations, but this is four years down the lane, the communities under her watch have nothing tangible to reference too. In fact, the ongoing projects she inherited became moribund due to her negligence.

For good four years, Hon. Sadipe did not complete the road she inherited not to talk of facilitating construction of just a kilometer of new Road to her constituency. Olomi to Oloju Oro road was unattended to even when she promised heaven and earth during 2019 election. Ayegun Oleyo had the same fate while good people of Olounde are seriously suffering from bad representation because the construction of their road would have instigated development in the axis.

Onila Youths Development Center was facilitated by Hon. Oyedokun, her predecessor to help in equipping and training the youths for gainful employment, in her four years of misrepresentation, Sadipe failed to even lay a block to revive the laudable project. Her counterpart from other constituency, Hon. Agboworin facilitated nothing less than 8 roads and they were completed.

The next rerun election presents to us another opportunity to decide our future, Hon. Olawale Mogbonjubola (Jagaban) of PDP represents a paradigm shift. With the collaborative efforts of Jagaban and the State Government under His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde, the people of Oluyole Federal Constituency would have multiple folds of dividends of democracy.

With his level of sagacity and ability, Jagaban would be facilitating opportunities from Abuja, he would also have unfiltered access to tap enough benefits from the State Government because of his robust relationship and working understanding with GSM.

Having Makinde as the State Governor and Jagaban as Federal Representative is indeed an added advantage to the Oluyole people. This opportunity will definitely enhance avalanche of growth and development in the constituency.
A vote for Jagaban is definitely a vote for multidimensional developments in Oluyole Federal Constituency.

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