Governor Seyi Makinde, we need your attention we are getting old.

The hope of resumption for the greatest Nigerian students has been dashed due to the nonchalant attitude of the Federal Government to find a lasting solution to the demands of ASUU which led to the additional 2 months warning strike to the already completed 1-month warning strike of the Union.

  • Should LAUTECH ASUU continue to join this strike in solidarity with the ongoing National Strike?
  • What do the students have to gain/benefit from this in reparations to the wasted time and disturbed mental health?
  • Will this ongoing strike not incur another debt for the state government and the University?

The above questions are the questions many LAUTECH students especially graduating students that graduated last year December expecting Mobilization for NYSC that are caught up in the web of this unfortunate situation are asking.

LAUTECH has witnessed more unfortunate events under the past administration of the two visiting governors when it was under Osun and Oyo than to be dragged into another one due to the ongoing national issue when almost all the lagging defects of the University is being handled by the administration of Engineer Seyi Makinde of Oyo State.

The Oyo State Government is paying subventions regularly for the smooth running of the University which means that staff are not being owed by the state government, yet LAUTECH is being put on hold for a strike that might not end in May but in September/October.

However, LAUTECH ASUU has unanimously decided to be part of this strike to return the institution to the old days of competing with thunder and using tuition to settle debts and afterward force devilish and heinous policies on students and at the end breed and prepare students for more societal evil and strengthening the popular saying that schooling is not profitable again amongst others within the students.

OAU matriculated new students on Monday, Abia state University has opted out of the strike, FUNAAB had her convocation yesterday, Delta State University opted out of the strike today and Kwasu is currently in session. What is the fate of LAUTECH?

There are many cases where LAUTECH ASUU has used TETFUND, NEED ASSESSMENT building among others as a defense for their continuous solidarity. It is high time we ask if other institutions that were mentioned above do not enjoy any of these projects as well?.

LAUTECH is a state school, and enviably the best state university in Nigeria, we have a long history with strikes, LAUTECH students are the oldest at NYSC camps as most of us graduate at the age of 26/27 because of strike. The age factor is a disadvantage for us to compete in the labor market. The institution is at a period of recuperation, the students are trying to make up for lost time and the state govt after paying up the 13months arrears owed during strike action days of the previous administration are gearing up to pay up Earned Academic allowance, and promotional arrears of the Staffs. What is the Justification of LAUTECH ASUU to be part of this NATIONAL STRIKE?

LAUTECH students know that the Oyo State Government will continue to pay the monthly subventions of LAUTECH during and after the warning strike, we are concerned about how the school is going to generate her IGR to augment the subventions for payment of salaries when the institution is under lock when it’s meant to recuperate. We understand that the management of the institution has been using the IGR generated from the tuition, extortions from transcript payment, and the exorbitant amount charged for convocation that has been paid before now to augment the subvention from the state government, in which all of these actions by the management in a sane environment are misappropriation of funds.

What if the Strike is prolonged and the negotiation between ASUU and Federal Government tarries till maybe September/October going by the attitude of the people in charge of our country, where will the institution get funds to balance up?

Such a situation implies that the Institution will incur another debt to be serviced from tuition fees to be paid in the future and in turn force the students to pay exorbitant amounts of money for other services meant to be serviced from the IGR generated from tuition. This style of misappropriation of funds by the management under the umbrella of servicing arrears is why the institution does not have any Structure or building built from IGR of the University since the ALAO Akala and OYINLOLA Regime, it is also the reason why it’s almost 12years that LAUTECH has employed new teaching staffs when there is an obvious shortage of staff in so many departments most especially MLS department where only 4 lecturers are in charge of over 700 students yet the institution continue to float more departments, we can’t continue to echo the noise of our dilapidated laboratories, and the state of our lecture halls where students purchase Boards, markers and Public address system just to make sure some of us can gain knowledge.

Normally, tuition is supposed to be used to cater for research centers, service maintenance, and build conducive lecture halls, laboratories, and offices for lecturers but the reverse is the case because of the peculiarity of LAUTECH. The student’s body has been considerate and understanding enough in the face of oppression and mental health manipulations. All we want is to graduate and leave the campus after wasted years with no compensation when reverse is the case during the glory days of our Fathers who are currently our Lecturers. We have continued to overlook all the criminal activities from the management over years, we have rallied around them, supported them to protest, and seek their rights during the Aregbesola, Ajimobi, and Tinubu era of Managing LAUTECH.

We are calling on the State Government under the Leadership of Governor Seyi Makinde, the Alumni body, and all necessary stakeholders to intervene before the institution finds itself swimming in another debt piled up in solidarity of what can be excused.

The time of the past glory is over, and the time to start setting the new standards is here.

God Bless Oyo State

Written By;
Iyeloluwa ADEDAMOLA.

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