My Driver Once Used Amudo Charm To Rape Me – Popular Blogger Esabod Cries Out

Popular blogger, Esther Tokunbo Aboderin, otherwise known as Esabod, narrated how a man said to be her driver once used Yoruba sex charm, amudo, to rape her. Phenomenal need reveals this.

Amudo is the charm that a person places on his or her target to have sex with them without their consent.
Although some women too might be tempted to use unconventional ways to woo men to bed, it is males that are believed to predominantly use amudo on females.

Those who believe in the charms say while it can come in the form of a ring, it can also come in the form of an oral command, based on what the guy involved already has inside him.
But, apart from the fact that it is anti-social and should not be encouraged, many believe it is a fluke.
Esabod who, in a recent video of her Facebook programme, stressed that the man, whom she said used to be her driver, exploited amudo to have an intercourse with her.
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The woman, who normally praises herself as a custodian of sweet sex power, often saying no man she ever goes to bed with ever wants to let her go, succumbed in the case of the alleged rape.
She added that the man later further ended being an ingrate.
According to her, she took the chap to London only for him to later say he never benefitted such from her.

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