Makinde, The Real ‘Mr Koseleri’ of our time And Uncommon Gift To Humanity|Oyedeji Ahmed (LMP)

Makinde, The Real ‘Mr Koseleri’ of our time And Uncommon Gift To Humanity|Oyedeji Ahmed (LMP)
Makinde, The Real ‘Mr Koseleri’ of our time And Uncommon Gift To Humanity|Oyedeji Ahmed (LMP)

Makinde, the real ‘Mr Koseleri’ of our time and uncommon gift to humanity

By Oyedeji Ahmed (LMP)

The good people of Oyo state have never stopped describing Governor Seyi Makinde as a strong, dogged democrat and a visionary leader with a big heart. To many young people, residents and lovers outside the state, Governor Makinde is an uncommon gift to humanity whose commitment to leadership excellence cannot be measured.

A man whose unwavering enthusiasm for good governance and the liberation of the younger generation makes him a point of reference in Nigeria’s political landscape. He is a unique gift to humanity who skillfully juggles service to the glory of God and benefit of humanity. He is unwaveringly committed to sustain the cause as a second-term governor and current Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Governor’s Forum.

To everyone, Governor Makinde is kind. He possesses the rare ability and insight to lead with excellence and to serve both men and women in politics. I feel extremely fortunate to have been one of his picks for Omitutun 1.0 final six months and to have just been reappointed in the first month of Omitutun 2.0 for accelerated development.

I must express my gratitude to my father, Barrister Abdul-Raheem Adebayo Lawal, the deputy governor of Oyo State, for giving me the opportunity once again to be part of the system as Special Assistant on Public Affairs. In fact, I’m quite appreciative.

I’ve been able to share in the Governor’s common goal. A vision which is also being complemented by his deputy. And I am always happy for the governor’s accomplishment over the past four years. I can’t but count myself so lucky for this rare opportunity.

The state’s advancement and the successful handling of the difficulties encountered during the first term have both been made possible by the Governor’s remarkable leadership abilities.

His administration has undoubtedly been characterized by openness, responsibility, and a dedication to the welfare of the people. It has also been deemed to be the greatest so far. This may have contributed to him receiving numerous awards from different house media in 2022 for being the best governor of the year.

Due to the fact that the state has made substantial strides in a number of policy domains under his leadership, Governor Makinde has been able to demonstrate a great sense of vision, strategic thinking, and the capacity to inspire and encourage those who are working with him.

The lives of the citizens of the state have significantly improved as a result of his commitment to advancing economic growth, infrastructural enhancement, education, and healthcare. His initiatives to promote an atmosphere that is friendly to business and entrepreneurship have encouraged the creation of jobs and drawn in investments.

Governor Makinde has always been a favorite of many. Particularly when he is around hapless individuals, his dazzling smile never fails to spread happiness. No wonder many people rush to catch a sight of him whenever they notice him moving down the roadside.

Even the less privileged love him, let alone the market women who utter the phrase “Seyi Eda, Seyi E re” whenever they come in contact with anything bearing his name. Men are drawn to him, ladies like hearing him speak, and even students can’t get enough of him. He is revered by both intellectuals and common people. What an amazing demigod!

As the serving governor of Oyo state, his dedication to responsible financial management has led to a well-balanced state budget and efficient resource distribution. He has effectively carried out projects that maximize the state’s resources while eliminating unnecessary spending through meticulous planning and smart financial tactics. It is admirable that he has been able to handle economic uncertainty and keep the state’s finances stable.

Governor Makinde remains the only governor in Nigeria who has shown a remarkable capacity to establish and preserve enduring bonds with constituents, lawmakers, local government representatives, royal fathers, community leaders, and others.

He continues to be the state’s representative who efficiently informs the people of Oyo state the administration’s initiatives, accomplishments, and policies. In addition to ensuring transparency and citizen participation in the decision-making process, his regular meetings, and use of a variety of communication methods have also fostered a sense of inclusivity and trust.

With this, we can be confident that the whole population of Oyo State across the 33 local governments would line up behind the governor if, at all, he announced that he would be running in any election tomorrow under a new baby’s party. Such a vague grandeur and love!

Since he was first elected in 2019, His Excellency, Governor Makinde has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that governance is a serious job and has conducted himself in that way. You may recall that just a few days ago, he also declared that trade-offs and alignment will be his guiding principles in order to achieve sustainable development in the state. He did this by stating that politics is a game of ideals and deep interests.

The governor added that qualified hands among his former aides will be engaged to continue their service to the state. He similarly cited equity, fairness, and justice as vital aspects to achieving effective governance. He views governance as a significant matter. And as such, he was able to kick start Omitutun 2.0 on a solid foundation.

In keeping with his campaign promises, he flagged off the construction of Ojurin-Olorunda Abaa Road to demonstrate that the state’s massive progress and people-centered leadership, enjoyed by the good people of Oyo state in Omitutun 1.0, would continue.

The governor launched what could be called an ambitious infrastructure development program by connecting all the zones in Oyo State in a way that would have a long-term influence on the state’s economy. He was able to minimize the state’s infrastructure deficit and ensure that the people of Oyo State received value for every naira they invested in projects by constructing hundreds of kilometers of roads and finishing infrastructure projects abandoned by past governments.

Today, Oyo state is not only a violent-free state but also a state where the wolf and the lamb may be found coexisting and feeding. Why? Because Oyo state is the only place where PMS and NURTW can collaborate. Through the deployment of his magic wand, Governor Makinde was able to successfully combine all interests in the state’s transportation sector into the new PMS.

Major stakeholders in the transport unions have joined together and resolved to work cooperatively under the revised Park Management System. One may be confident that other states would soon copy this effort, much as Lagos State did with the PMS concept started by Governor Makinde.

The Oyo State PMS has not only been reformed under the leadership of its new chairman, Alhaji Oluwatomiwa Omolewa alias Tommy, but the governor has also successfully addressed a significant source of concern for residents of the state, who have long viewed the transport unions as monstrous but essential parts of society.

No more witch-hunting. It is obvious that the PMS leadership is maintaining a violence-free system in which the state and all players in the transportation industry will benefit, in keeping with GSM’s professed dedication to peace and security.

I’m optimistic that the days and months to come will be action-packed, eventful for the state, and they will bring far greater results than the last four years with the governor’s unconventional handling of the Park Management System and the effective containment of the situation following the dissolution of the old PMS leadership. Indeed, Governor Makinde has been very explicit about this.

With Governor Makinde’s clear cut achievement in the last four years in Oyo state, he can be compared to great men from around the world whose stories demonstrate great enthusiasm and unwavering love for the people of their state.

The governor never shied away from serving God and humanity. He’s indeed an uncommon gift to Oyo state. And I’m doubly sure that there is no way Oyo political story can be written without Governor Makinde featuring prominently as a result of his wide acceptability and for being the real ‘Mr Koseleri’ of our time.

While I eagerly anticipate the upcoming formation of a new cabinet by the governor, I will have to rest my pen for the time being since I want to continue updating on recent events in the state.

Yours in struggle,
Oyedeji Ahmed,
SA (Public Affairs) to Deputy Governor of Oyo state.

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