Love Is Crazy: The Response Of A Female Lecturer As A Security Guard Proposes…|Read Here

“Love is blind” as they saye.Love is ever blind to some imperfection at the same time won’t overlook the truth that can help partners grow.

Inrespective of one’s status, be it education, wealth, family among others, love should be treated as love not lust. 
Once you love someone you love the person with whatsoever be his or her status . However, one should not forget the fact that you also help your partners to grow from the ugly status they had in the past.
Eaglessightnews gathered that a romantic security guard in Uganda brought road traffic to a standstill, when he proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a busy highway as the police and motorists cheered. 
According to what we gathered, the lady in question is a Lecture in a university in that country.
We gathered that a security company providing security to the university deployed the guard at a single female lecture’s residence to guard for 2 years and that was how the poor guard met the female lecturer and she will now be the mother to his children.
The lecturer has now vowed to sponsor her man (guard) to school.
Love is blind to faults and true Love Still Exists. You can help your partner to become whatever they had dream in the past and whatever good you  want for them. It is a matter of time, understanding, patient and money.
 According to what I tell singles and married , ” We get understanding to help our love  grow” 
This guy’s met and they never hide there status to each other. This is called sincerity not pretense. We need this understanding to make love grow!
It is always advisable that in relationship you have few understanding of some things about your partners in terms of status, past before going deep in love.This would help you to leave in trust and transparency. You would also be at peace once you go  into  love; and be assure that every other thing shall be added to it.
Also before you go in love with anyone first know the potentials they have, not the present status for no one knows tommorow. The good you are seeing now might be the worst tommorow vice versa . 
It Is quite unfortunate many marry as a result of educational background, family status or money in the bank, forgetting that the future can be shaped with love and God’s blessings. Congratulations to the female lecturer and the security guard for accepting to be married couple.
So if you are in this scenario, perhaps your partners status is urgly at the moment, in as much there is sincere love and you have peace and you see potential, why not pray to God;and pick up this as a challenge and strife and hope for better days.

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