Korra Obidi’s Husband, Dean Sues Her For Defamation.

Korra Obidi’s Husband, Dean Sues Her For Defamation.

Recall, Dr Justin Dean the husband of the Popular dancer, singer and scriptwriter Korra Obidi revealed his plans on divorcing the dancer this few weeks ago after the birth of their second child.

Korra’s husband had taken to his Instagram page and unveiled to the public they would be getting divorce soon.

His complains are,’ the early unfaithfulness in the marriage, maltreatment from his wife, the damages social media has caused to his family and his own mental health among others”

This has been a controversial discussion among their fans and the public as it is still a surprise to everyone that such awesome family could have divorce in their agenda.

Their social media clips have shown how the family has been so awesome and interesting till the birth of their second child.

The divorce case worsen as Justin Dean, the husband of popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, has recently sued kora for defamation of character.

According to daily post,Dean, in a video on Facebook, disclosed that a video that circulated recently on social media was recorded and released without his consent.

The video showed Dean raining insults on Korra in front of their toddler daughter.

However, the doctor alleged that he was set up by Korra and her friends, adding that they recorded his conversation to defame him.

Dean also advised married couples to stay away from social media as he blamed social media and obsession with fame for his failed marriage.

He said, “Yes, I was set up in that recording, they did that on purpose, they did that to set me up and they are being sued for defamation of character.

“Here in the state of California, it’s illegal to film someone and put them online in a derogatory way.

“So I will probably make half a million dollars or so after this lawsuit and they will probably not be able to pay it.”

“I can tell you that social media is responsible for all of these and obsession for fame. I don’t wanna be famous. You all can unfollow me.”

Meanwhile, Korra Obidi recently moved out of her husband’s house into a new apartment as her marriage crisis continues.

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