Uncertainty, Fears In Oyo APC As NWC Dissolves Rivers State Executives

Just In:Protesters Storm Ibadan,Demand Justice For Mohbad[Photos]

Just In:Protesters Storm Ibadan,Demand Justice For Mohbad

In a recent update,  eaglessightnews. has confirmed that  protesters on Wednesday converged at the Oyo State Secretariat, demanding justice for the late Nigerian artist, Mohbad.

EAGLESSIGHTNEWS recalls that following the death of the young artist, Mohbad, there have been some allegations of his involvement in a deadly dispute with Naira Marley’s gang and Mallian Record label.

The suspicious death of Mohbad ,age 27 have ignited widespread outrage, resulting in three consecutive days of protests across Nigeria.

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Sighting from a report credited to   Populistsnews, the protesters, numbering in the hundreds, presented a united front, displaying Mohbad’s pictures and posters while passionately chanting for justice. Their resounding cry echoed through the streets: “We demand justice for Mohbad.”


The uproar was sparked by reports of Mohbad’s alleged murder at the hands of members of Naira Marley’s gang and Mallian Record, sending shockwaves throughout the nation’s music industry. As news of the incident spread, Nigerians from all walks of life expressed their outrage, calling for swift action and accountability.


Today marks the third day of sustained protests, underscoring the determination of the Nigerian people to seek justice for the fallen artist. Their fervor remains unwavering, and they are resolute in their call for answers and accountability.
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In a remarkable development, the Speaker of Oyo State, Rt. Hon Adebo Ogundoyin while en route to his office, encountered the protesters and, moved by their cause, joined them in their march to the Secretariat. Once inside the Secretariat premises, he took the opportunity to address the demonstrators, acknowledging their concerns and promising that the government would take the matter seriously.


The protesters have also escalated their demand for authorities to hold Naira Marley, a prominent figure in the music industry, accountable if he is indeed connected to the alleged crime. Their plea for transparency and a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death resonates with many who believe that no one, regardless of their celebrity status, should be immune to the law.


Just In:Protesters Storm Ibadan,Demands Justice For Mohbad[Photos]
Just In:Protesters Storm Ibadan,Demands Justice For Mohbad[Photos]
As the protests continue to gain momentum, the nation anxiously awaits a resolution to this distressing and tragic incident. The calls for justice for Mohbad reverberate throughout Nigeria, reflecting the public’s steadfast commitment to upholding principles of justice and accountability.


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