Just in: Police Released Fake Soldiers Arrested With 18 AK-47 Guns In Akwa Ibom – Gov Udom cries out!

The Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Emmanuel Udom has called the attention of the  Nigerian FG and general public , accusing the police of compromising the peace of the state.
According to the statements gathered, they arrested persons with fake army uniforms carrying 18 AK-47 rifles and handed them over to the police.
Surprisingly, the police hierarchy released express order the accused should be released and their guns handed back to them.
He added, he is crying out  because of the unexpected  things happening in the country.
“We want to let the world know that if there is a break down of law and order tomorrow, the police should be held responsible.

All attempts to speak with the top hierarchy of the police in the zone and at Abuja were rebuffed” he concluded.

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