Just In: Hamzat Oriyomi, Agidigbo FM Proprietor Regains Freedom After…

Just In: Hamzat Oriyomi, Agidigbo FM Boss Regains Freedom After Hours In Police Detention.

Eagle’s Sight News authoratively reports that Oriyomi Hamzat, broadcaster ,the Boss and owner of Agidigbo FM, who was arrested and moved to Abuja yesterday, has regained freedom.

“Oga will reunite with us today. He will Ibadan from Abuja any moment from now,” an elated staff told this newspaper-A staff revealed to InsightOyo.

A further validated confirmation made by this reliable onlinenewspaper’Eaglessightnews‘ In a statement released by the Head of Station, Agidigbo 89.1 FM Ibadan, Mr. Adebayo Yousuph Grey, also affirmed this development.

Attached is the statement:

Recall Eagle’s Sight News reported that Oriyomi reported was arrested by police on alledged cybercrime.

Recall Hamzat in a viral video, revealed to the masses about his arrest, promising not to stop what he is doing.

He said he was arrested in connection to his continued reportage of the death of Timothy, a master’s student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, at one of the hotels belonging to the Maye of Ife, Ramon Adedoyin.

Contrarily the police alledege the said broadcaster that he was arrested in connection with what it called cyber bullying.

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