Inaugural Speech: On This Mandate, We All Are Stakeholders; Yusuff Shahib Oladayo (Agba Egbe) Reinspires Ibadan North Local Government Electorates May 25, 2021

Inaugural Speech: On This Mandate, We All Are Stakeholders; Yusuff Shahib Oladayo (Agba Egbe) Reassures Ibadan North Local Government Electorates May 25, 2021
Inaugural Speech: On This Mandate, We All Are Stakeholders; Yusuff Shahib Oladayo (Agba Egbe) Re-Assures Ibadan North Local Government Electorates 
Hon. Yusuff Shahib Oladayo (Agba Egbe), the newly elected executive chairman of Ibadan north local government. Had reassured his commitment towards ensuring the involvement of all who had seen to his emergence as the winner of the recently held local government election held across the state.
Stating further that his administration will be an inclusive one having everyone as stakeholders towards achieving the ibadan north local government of our dreams 
His Speech :
No good feeling surpasses seeing a bright dawn overcome a dark, long night. If this triumph means and represents something, it surely represents; immense faith in God, belief in the people, perseverance and self-confidence.
All glories and adorations be to the almighty God, without his infinite mercies and bounties, we would not have been able to pull this one off. He alone deserves every sweet appraisal. We appreciate him, and we’ll forever be grateful to him for his infinite blessings upon us.
Along the lines, it’s very much necessary not to forsake and axe the ladder that enhances one’s rise to success. We’re using this golden medium to appreciate our amiable, diligent, indefatigable and amazing governor; His excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde and his supportive and beautiful wife, Olufunke Ominini Makinde for their ever-present support and trust in us. May the almighty continue to preserve them upon goodness, and may he continue to crown their endeavours and see them through the hurdles and barricades life hurls at them, especially seeing to the new phase oyo state has become.
Subsequently, we truly appreciate the party (PDP) Party Elders, Party State Executives, Ibadan North PDP Executives And most especially the campaign team Committee and everyone who stood by us, while we were sailing through the storms until we finally made it to through. No word is surely worthy and enough to appreciate every one of you. We’re grateful and we’ll forever be.
Afterwards, we appreciate the Wonderful people of ibadan north local government that deemed us perfect to fill these shoes, to be specific, the whole of Ibadan North. You are all highly appreciated and commended. And, we’re promising you that, by the special grace of God, we’ll repay the immense faith and belief that you have in us. This tenure will surely be a memorable and a fruitful one for all of us.
To be concise, we understand the responsibilities that come along with this heavy task. We understand that it’s more of a responsibility and a privilege. And they used to say that; with great responsibility comes great expectation. We’ll surely try to beat your imaginations, by doing a great job and serving you all diligently. But that can be never done without your full support. Simply because, all of us together is the government. There is no us without you, as there’s no you without us. Let us all try to pour all our strengths in this, to make it work. And surely, we’ll all enjoy the fruits the hard work bears.
Importantly, we should make you all cognizant of the good works we’re up to. We’ll, by God’s special grace, improve the primary healthcare. And try to facilitate the community with a reliable healthcare facilities. We’ll, as well, improve the educational system most especially the at the primary level, we will as much as possible, to make the society a very harmonic and peaceful place than ever, by investing extensively in security.
Additionally, we’ll try to make the Educational system easier and affordable by equipping the areas that need equipments and incorporate more qualified personnel into the system. We’ll, as well, try to see things from the youth’s perspective, and, as well, try to create numerous opportunities and privileges that can benefit them in one way or the other. We’ll always try to carry them along, so they’re very much cognizant of the beautiful plans this administration has in plan.
Also, as promised during the campaign, we’ll surely set up empowerment and enlightenment programs for women and our children, as well, make sure the kids are not left out of the whole plans.
These are part of the plans this administration set out to accomplish. We can now all deduce from them how very important your support is. Let’s all join hands together so that these plans can be accomplished.
I will implore our dear honourable Councillors, just has his excellency gov. Oluseyi Makinde had earlier implored us, to implement the state achievements Positively and also everyone should see this position as a privilege to serve in his or her best of abilities 
It should be well known that, this administration is critique-welcoming and very much ready to rub minds with the masses and see things from their perspectives too.
We so much appreciate everyone’s efforts again. They really mean everything to us. And we’ll forever be grateful for them. We’re surely going to mount the topmost peak and enjoy the benefits of this administration together. May Almighty God help us. Amen.
Agba Egbe Media Team

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