How I wish MAKINSSON Will Be On Ballot Paper In 2027 – IJOBA AUTHORITY

How I wish MAKINSSON Will Be On Ballot Paper In 2027 – IJOBA AUTHORITY

How I wish MAKINSSON Will Be On Ballot Paper In 2027 - IJOBA AUTHORITY
How I wish MAKINSSON Will Be On Ballot Paper In 2027 – IJOBA AUTHORITY

One of the reasons why I soliloquize most times in a closet is that, can we still have a Man like Engr. Abiodun Oluseyi (Saheed) Makinde FNSE on the ballot in 2027?

If yes we can, how can we find him? How do we know him? Who will identify him? At what time, period, or stage will he emerge? What is or are the circumstances that will showcase him?

These are various questions and many other numerous ones that come to my mind whenever I see his unrelenting hardworking spirit overing about the Oyo State heaven in other to have her own haven in a Seren atmosphere for his people.

Little wonder, some people could not understand his semantics and methods of discharging leadership capacity rather, they only observe him from afar until they come in close contact with him in the closet. Gov. Makinde is a free, simple empowered mind with undisputed virtues not commonly seen ubiquitously but infused jealously.

His coming to contest the election to become Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2007, and 2011 wasn’t a joke or a waste of time or what some people called a wasted effort in futility. He came to the rescue, responding to the yearnings of a common man who can’t afford to send their children to school. He came to wrestle with unseen powered cankerworms in human flesh, eating the fabrics of the voiceless, milking and infringing on their civic right to freedom of speech, right to life, and access to Good Governance a Politics that brings democracy to the grassroots.

He came to raise a hopeless future to have a brand new foundation to build upon, make a son of nobody become a renowned somebody, and allow Young emerging energetic minds to strive by tearing and destroying the shackles used by those at the corridor of powers dictating who becomes something at a predicted someday.

In 2015, after he had lost the elections twice to be Senator in Oyo South to the son of former PDP Chieftain, late Alh. Ariyibi Adedibu, Distinguished Sen. Kamorudeen Adedibu, and Late former Governor of Oyo State, Distinguished Sen. Isiaq Akanji Abiola Ajimobi contested Governorship ticket under the Social Democratic Party (SDP) primary and won to be on the general ballot paper but didn’t succeed at that time because they never believed in him but after his money especially those who he taught were loyal to him, those he met along the political journey, the juggernauts, vilified politicians, those who believe in eat finish couldn’t see what he saw and be fixed to be committed to his course for the good people of Oyo State and beyond.

After the whirlwind that happened, and for the appointed time that came in 2019, he re-contested as Governorship candidate to be the flag-bearer of our Party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and won surprisingly before some small minds, though they still didn’t believe he can win and were trying all their possible humanly powers to upturn the result of the will of the people to their advantage victory. Yet, God did disappoint them woefully and gallantly. This was why you see a lot of enemies behind, beside, before, and after him so as not to succeed in any areas.

Today, he has been vindicated across boards. Those who didn’t think he could be successful thus far in politics and governance are now part and parcel of his stardust believing that he is God’s Sent Man (GSM) to humanity and not Oyo State alone. He has proven them wrong by many standards, he has made many first achievements so far that many refer to him as Awolowo Incarnate truly.

As a young chap, for two decades studying the leadership moves, and philanthropic waves of Engr. Seyi Makinde does not doubt that he is a man of his tongues hence the reasons why I will continue to believe in him and trust his process as I wish he could make the 2027 ballot for another third term but ………..

Your’s Servant Leader
A member GSM Advocate
Egalitarian Dig. Com.
Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan Eldreez codenamed IJOBA AUTHORITY MOE Dynasty World-Wide writes from the home of Generals Ibadan North East World.

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