HILARIOUS 😂:“Has Tinubu’s Bulaba Turned Nursery Rhyme?”How Cute Little Girl Mimics Tinubu, Says ‘God Bless PDAPC’, Causes Stirs online (Video)

A cute little girl has caused commotion online as she mimicked Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s viral speech.

Tinubu, APC presidential candidate, has been surfacing online following his viral ‘God bless PDAPC’ and ‘A townhall different from balablu’.

While many Nigerians make video to mimic Tinubu, the little baby joined as she said ‘God bless PDAPC’.

In a video making the rounds online, a woman, presumed to be her mother, was seen asking the kid to complete her statement.

The kid fluently completed the statement, ‘God bless PDAPC’. Her mother also asked her to complete, ‘A townhall different from….’ and she answered correctly.

Her fluency got many talking online as they wondered if Tinubu’s viral statement was added to nursery rhyme.

Watch the video below and follow please:

Social media users thronged to comment section with their funny thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

@O_mahmoudah said, “The way kids pick up from things ehn😂😂😂”.

@NeduBenedict said, “I swear Una dey too dey find trouble 😂😂😂😂. All of una”.

“In my next world I’ll still be a Nigerian..na person wey no get data for this country dey suffer most. No 1 Cruise country”, eriwastar said.

ogbeni_kasamadupe said, “this baby sef dey Audible pass that old man 😩😂😂😂😂”.

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