Father’s Day: An Icon Of Good Governance Like Seyi Makinde The Father Of Modern Oyo~Paul Adebanjo(PobyConcepts)

Father’s Day: An Icon Of Good Governance Like Seyi Makinde the father Of Modern Oyo State –  Paul Adebanjo (PobyConcepts) 

Being a father is not only the ability to give birth to biological children. In politics and leadership what father mean to me is the ability to love, care, lead, protect, having the people in mind  and providing for their needs.
Governor Seyi makinde is an amazing father that Oyo state  is so fortunate to have. Taken the mantle of  good governance from some heroes like late Pa Awolowo is governor Seyi makinde! Like father like son. Infact all the Makinde’s are so humane when you move close to them.
When talking of quality free education, amazing infrastructure, quality health facilities, rapid growth in agriculture , sport initiative , empowerment for youths and adults among others which are huge  benefit for the masses, it can only come from a governor like Seyi Makinde who knows his position as a father. The aforementioned are good legacies of memories and they are so  humane! These could only come from a father like Seyi Makinde.
 “Seyi Makinde’s Name Will Be Written In Gold By The Time He Finishes His Tenure” Chief Muyiwa Makinde~ Jagun Of Ibadan.
“Seyi Makinde the S.I unit of good governance” Bashorun Adeniji.
To butress on  these assertions , I hope and feel very soon  when you search Seyi Makinde on google the result is Good Governance! This simply mean in no doubt the Seyi Makinde would synonymously denote Good Governance!
Furthermore, governor Seyi makinde has continuously working on the issue of insecurity in Oyo state which is not a challenge facing Oyo state only but a huge failure from the federal government. Let us walk down memory lane,
The initiative of Amotekun, Operation burst, vigilante group, continuous dialogue with the obas, bales, the elders among others across Oyo state can never be overlooked.
I would say for the continuous progress of Oyo State in term of good governance ,we all need to support, love and persistently pray for GSM.” For no one is perfect, except God and those whom he has perfected” Paul Adebanjo.
Therefore on this auspicious day and for a pragmatic, dexterous, effulgent,  indefatigable, and the father of modern Oyo, the governor of the Pace Setter  , I say “Happy father’s day” to Governor Seyi Makinde and all the father’s across the globe. Much love….

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