Explainer:Why It’s Time For Otunba Seye Famojuro To Be Uncovered

It’s High Time Otunba Seye Famojuro is Uncovered|Olawale Aremu
Why It's Time For Otunba Seye Famojuro To Be Uncovered
Why It’s Time For Otunba Seye Famojuro To Be Uncovered|Olawale Aremu

Of course, I know he’s a chieftain in many communities, towns, and states yet, that will not preclude me from saying that I will dig through his munificence deeds.

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He neither holds any political office, nor appointive positions, but he is too blunt to combat any rightful course on people’s behalf. I must stress that his act of compassion worries my throbbing that I have to get this noble man divulged to the good people of Nigeria beyond the pacesetter’s state. I know him to be a professional par excellence, especially in the world of building engineering, and property valuation among other architectural-related careers yet I’m unfazed by his sterling curriculum vitae (CV).

Mr. Otunba, I’m bold to efface the Otunba title in your name, and perhaps term you Engr. Seye or better still Realtor Seye, if this insolence stumps you, you may charge me to any competent court of jurisdiction but remember that the personalities that leaned on you to greater heights shall be men of the bar and bench.

“Alagba Seye” I’m bringing you to light because you only smile and do not chortle, chuckle, giggle, and laugh. What would you do if I say I’ll not come to your birthday fete if I have sent you a felicitation? Take notice of the fact that I’m not one of your enthusiasts because of your limitless generosity. Your benefactors may not be able to reveal your altruism because I acknowledge that you don’t like a show-off but someone like me can’t keep mute by saying that your communal cum socio-political “in loco parentis” is damn too broad.

At this juncture, your recent chieftain title with other eminently qualified dignitaries incensed me because I relished that lofty height but I just have to let go when I discovered you never lobbied for it nor jostled to be crowned. At any rate, that doesn’t mean that I should not unmask your semblance to alleviate people’s sorriness and woes. My instinct just whispers to me that you will not cease to be brutally emphatic about people’s victories and I will also not stop to unmask your deeds. I am firm in my decision to publicize any iota of benevolence you entitle people because I know you can’t match my media onslaught.

To this end, permit me to say this in local parlance “yiniyini k’eni le se mi” “arise k’arika….” Translation: He who leaves a good legacy behind will be fondly remembered for his generosity. Meaning: Benevolence leaves a lasting impression.
Otunba Seye, keep on keeping up the good deeds.
I hope I have uncovered Otunba Seye, now.


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