Engr Ajuwon@70:”Your Star That Shines Shall Not Grow Dim Nor Darken”-OYSHA Hopeful Hon(Dr) Olufunke Comforter Congratulates Engr Ajuwon Adisa On Birthday[Videos]

Engr Ajuwon@70:”Your Star That Shines Shall Not Fall Nor Darken-OYSHA Hopeful Hon(Dr) Olufunke Comforter Congratulates Engr Ajuwon Adisa On Birthday.

A frontline hopeful for Oyo State House of Assembly Ibadan North Constituency1 , Hon (Dr) Olufunke Comforter AdeniyI Olajide has felicitated a chieftain and one of the top political juggernauts in the People Democratic Party (PDP), Engr Olutunji Daniel Adisa Ajuwon on his 70th birthday occasion.

“Engr Olutunji Daniel Adisa Ajuwon has been a devoted politician characterized with godly virtues. He is a father, a grandpa ,a mentor among others. He has successfully helped and assisted many to achieve their political goodwills .

“Engr Ajuwon is a supportive leader with listening ears ,. a man of native intelligence, love by everyone “
Dr Olufunke added.

In a statement personally signed and forwarded to this reliable online newspaper’Eaglessightnews’ to wish this great mentor a colourful 70th birthday, She stated,

” Dear leader, your 70th birthdayday is another perfect opportunity for me to thank you for inspiring and supporting me through this passage of life as wonderfully as you do.

‘I feel so inspired and at peace to specially thank you for all you do all the years: You’ve been a father , a supporter , a counselor and a true leader.

“I am truly blessed to be guided by a phenomenal political/spiritual mentor such as you.

“As your colourful 70th birthday coincide with the day the whole world celebrate Easter , I hope you continually enjoy all the good tidings that this season depicts from now and beyond.

“I pray your star that shines amidst darkness shall never grow dim nor darken.

“Happiest of birthdays to you.”

Videos & Photos:

Engr Ajuwon @70 Thanksgivings At The Church
Dr Olufunke Comforter Felicitatimg With Celebrant At The Church
Cutting of 70th Birthday Cake

Shot with well wishers

Eaglessightnews reports
Hon(Dr)Olufunke Comforter AdeniyI Olajide
OYSHA Ibadan North Constituency1 Hopeful

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