BOMBSHELL😳: Kemi Olunloyo Calls Frank Edwards The Secret Lover Of Late Osinachi|Read More

WAHALA NO DEY STOP😳🤣: Kemi Olunloyo Calls Frank Edwards The Secret Lover Of Late Osinachi|Read More

The demise of prominent gospel artist sister Osinachi Nwachukwu has circulated the social media on 9th saturday March 2022. Osinachi who was first believed to die as a result of throat cancer was later revealed to die via domestic violence.

Her husband Mr Peter has been alleged of several assaults as news reported that he kicked her on the chest which resulted to her admission in an hospital in Abuja.Osinachi later gave up the ghost after 5days in the hospital according to sources.

Following this urgly incident, there have been several worrisome reactions on the social media and by the members of the public which includes Frank Edwards .

According to the reaction of Gospel artist Frank Edwards ,the Gospel singer stated,“ An Unreasonable human being” put off Osinachi’s shinning light. He wrote;

”So that Unreasonable human being finally put off a shining light. I won’t say much now , I’ll let the former Nddc director ( AUNTY Joy ) who did everything possible to stop this from happening talk 1st, but it still happened. we tried to stop this”.

Contrary to this ascertion,the prominent female journalists Dr Kemi Olunloyo has brought to her Twitter Handel dragging Frank Edwards ” you’re STUPID! Were you not Osinachi Nwachukwu’s secret lover? Of course her own husband was “jealous” of her. Joy Nunieh should not be dragged into your foolishness. Joy is a real woman & strong one & she once slapped Akpabio for sexual harassment

“If I start to talk…..
Where are the Nigerian investigative journalists? Oh I forgot they don’t do celebrity news🙄Frank Edwards needs to be thoroughly questioned 😡😡😡”


“Osinachi Nwachukwu got herself killed then her husband sold throat cancer to you. #Marriageisascam highlights this foolishness. She suffered years of abuse yet she chose to stay in it with her friends watching. The bastards are now vocal posting RIP everywhere. “

Meanwhile, frank Edward has just reacted with “Oh dear lord and laughing emojis”. His fans and the masses on social media have however councelled Frank to sue Kemi Olunloyo not only because of himself but because of the false allegation against late Osinach.

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