Depreciating Naira: CBN Begins Sale of $15.7m to 785 BDCs weekly

Depreciating Naira: CBN Begins Sale of $15.7m to 785 BDCs weekly

Depreciating Naira: CBN Begins Sale of $15.7m to 785 BDCs weekly

Depreciating Naira: CBN Begins Sale of $15.7m to 785 BDCs weekly
Depreciating Naira: CBN Begins Sale of $15.7m to 785 BDCs weekly

Releases guidelines for sale to end-users

*Pegs PTA at $4,000, BTA at $5,000 per individuals 

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN will from today commence the sale of $15.7 million to 785 bureaux de Change across the country.

The CBN said it will sell $20,000 to each of the 785 BDCs at N1,301/$. The BDCs are to sell the dollars to the end-users at a margin not more than 1% of the purchase price.

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Director Trade and Exchange Department, CBN, Dr. Hassan Mahmud disclosed this in a circular titled, ‘SALE OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE TO BUREAU DE CHANGE OPERATORS TO MEET RETAIL DEMAND FOR ELIGIBLE INVISIBLE TRANSACTIONS’.

He said: “Following the on-going reforms in the foreign exchange market, aimed at achieving an appropriate market determined exchange rate for the Naira, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has observed the continued price distortions at the retail end of the market, which is feeding into the parallel market and further widening the exchange rate premium.
‘To this end, the CBN has approved the sale of foreign exchange to eligible Bureau De Change (BDCs) to meet the demand for invisible transactions. The sum of $20,000 is to be sold to each BDC at the rate of N1,301/$ – (representing the lower band rate of executed spot transactions at NAFEM for the previous trading day, as at today, 27th February 2024).
“All BDCs are allowed to sell to end-users at a margin NOT MORE THAN one percent (1 %) above the purchase rate from CBN.

“All eligible BDCs are directed to make the Naira payment to the designated CBN Foreign Currency Deposit Naira Accounts and submit confirmation of payment, with other necessary documentations, for disbursement at the appropriate CBN Branches – ABUJA, AWKA, LAGOS and KANO)”

The CBN also released guidelines for the sale of dollars to BDCs.
Among other things, the guidelines peg sale of Personal Travel Allowance, PTA and Business Travel Allowance, BTA to $4,000 and $5,000 per individual

According to the guidelines, “All BDCs allocated Foreign Exchange, shall keep records of beneficiaries and amount sold to each beneficiary;
“BDCs shall not sell more than $4,000 per individual for PTA and $5,000 for BTA;
All BDCs allocated Foreign Exchange shall not re-sell at more than 1% spread to end users.
“All BDCs shall display their buying and selling rate at their outlet;
All BDCs transaction shall be conducted in designated approve BDCs office/outlet addresses. Street hawking is strictly prohibited;
“All BDC allocated Foreign Exchange, shall make daily rendition of the sale of Foreign Exchange to end user before 10am the next business day on the Financial Institutions Foreign Exchange Reporting System (FIFX) portal;
The CBN Examination team shall periodically conduct on the spot examination of Foreign Exchange disbursements by BDCs;
‘BDCs are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism and transparency in the conduct of their business in line with stipulated guidelines. Any breach shall attract immediate revocation of the BDC licence.”


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