Comforter Dee:Our Victory On Saturday Remain Undistracted, Olufunke Comforter Is God Made, Omituntun 2.0 Is Sacrosanct

Comforter Dee: No Amount of Blasphemies Can Hinder The Victory God Has Made, We Are Focus On Good Governance, Omituntun 2.0 Is God Made

“Ignore the noise, focus on the good works ” as they say.

There is no amount of blasphemies or bitchy reports by the oppositions that can hinder the re-election of Governor Seyi Makinde and all the 33 PDP House of Assembly contesting this Saturday because it is a victory God has made!

The PDP Candidate for Ibadan North Constituency1, Hon (Dr) Olufunke Comforter Adeniyi Olajide will never be distracted by malicious reports aimed at distracting the minds of the masses, particularly the residents and electorates in Ibadan North.

Residents of Ibadan North and the entire masses are neither distracted as they know we mean well for them. Besides, our kind gestures and support for humanity have proven to them that we are the right candidate to be elected Saturday. They have seen and tasted the dividends of democracy even when we are yet to get to the position, as a result, we equally trust God for their bloc vote and support Saturday.

We believe in God for our victory!!

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