Breaking::ODUDUA’S(YORUBA’S) REPUBLIC STRUGGLES ~The Warlord Sat Guru Maraji declares synergy for Sunday Igboho after meeting .

The famous god spiritualist~Sat Guru Maraji whose kingdom situates along  Ibadan-Lagos express route earlier today declares his full synergy for the Odudua(Yoruba) nation..This happened having received a courtesy visit of the so acclaimed Yoruba/Odudua activist Mr Sunday Igboho & his squad .The spiritualist said that there is no going back on current anxiety for attainment of Yoruba Nation, he emphasized,  that he is always ready as a pillar  behind Chief Sunday Adeyemo,  on his good mind and  persistence efforts in the securement and achievement of the Yoruba Nation.

Guru Maraji in a viral video clip adduced  the spirits of all Yoruba ancestors to wake up to call on the current situation in the country.

The warlord & spiritualist  added that it is right time the yorubas get their Independent/ Republic as a result of the nepotism  leadership style embark on by President Buhari and the current and critical  situation of the country influence by Fulani men,. The government has failed to administer on sincerity of purpose, fairness, equity and justice among others.

Guru Maraji  stressed hat Nigeria had not been divisive like this, until President Muhammadu Buhari came on board and makes things worse for other regions, except Northern Region that gets nepotism and favouritism.

He concluded by nspiring  the true Yoruba sons and daughters home and in the diaspora to combine synergy round the current struggle of Yoruba’s freedom. He explained this is only an option to get the Odudua’s land builded , have access to good governance and make the sincere use of rules and orders in the law.

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