Breaking:Joke Silva, Finally Speaks Amidst Viral Reports of Husband’s Death

Veteran Actor Olu Jacobs Alive and Well, Family Debunks Death Rumors

Contrary to reports circulating on social media, veteran Nollywood actor Olu Jacobs is alive and doing well. His family has debunked the rumors of his passing, confirming that he is in good health.

In an interview, Jacobs’ wife, Joke Silva, dismissed the rumors, stating, “My husband is alive and doing just fine.”

Founder of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor, also took to social media to confirm Jacobs’ well-being, tweeting, “Olu Jacobs is well and alive. Please ignore all rumors of his passing.”

This is not the first time rumors of Jacobs’ death have surfaced in 2024. However, the family has consistently refuted these claims, assuring fans that the legendary actor is alive and thriving.

The false reports have sparked concern among fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry, but the family’s confirmation has put the rumors to rest. Olu Jacobs continues to be an iconic figure in Nollywood, and his legacy lives on.

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