OYHA Ibadan North Constituency1 Primary: Sincerity Of Heart And Purpose Driven Agenda Overshadow Manipulations[Photos&Videos]

Oyo House of Assembly, Ibadan North Constituency 1 Primary: Sincerity of heart and purpose driven agenda overshadow manipulations

The truth will always be upheld and a mandate that is rightfully received cannot be hijacked irrespective of lobbying or media manipulation geared towards confusing the people and eliciting undeserved sympathy.
Suffice to say, not only the blind lacks sight, the myopic who fails to see can also pass for the blind.
No doubt, the game played during the primary elections for Oyo State House of Assembly in Ibadan North Constituency 1 was a well calculated one but when the wrong comes out as right, a clear sight rejects.
We are no longer only in the era of “stomachinfastructure”, the people are also aware of their rights and what they deserve. The days of putting up with incompetence, under the guise of settling monetary wants that are shortlived, are no longer the game plan,and politics has moved beyond that.
We believe that everyone is learning and noting to ensure that the welfare of the people are put into consideration at all times. The people want a leader who would meet their needs and not just settle their wants temporarily.
Our principal, Hon Olufunke Comforter, Olutunude is indeed a winner. After all said and done, she contested strongly and was first declared winner after the ballot box was counted and later on, it was recounted, she had a tie with the sitting honourable and out of the blues, after a third time count, another result was stated. This in itself is an indication of ” fishy”.
Hon Olufunke Comforter Adeniyi Olajide having detected the ” fishy games being played,was calm because she knew that if she started jubilating, her life and that of her followers including the innocent INEC officials who were clearly ” being careful” would eventually be at risk. Hence she decided to tow the path of patience, encouraged her people and assured them that the truth would eventually prevail.
Facts began to materialise and evidences through calls from delegates revealed the manipulations that was done to oppress and defraud the rightful choice of the people, Hon Comforter, Olutunude.
Our principal support, cuts across all the wards from Ward 1-6 which is as a result of her work and developmental programs that she had embarked upon making the people happy and have also pledged their supports seeing that she is going all out even before getting to the office.
It is pertinent to state that His Excellency Engineer Seyi Makinde has promised women inclusion and what better way to start that, than considering a woman who DESPITE ALL ODDS was able to come out in flying colours. Amazingly, Hon Olufunke Comforter didn’t take matters into her hands, she believed in the transparency of the Party leaders and the commitment of His Excellency to truth and Justice.
Our principal, Hon Comforter, Olutunude is a strategist, a grassroot politician, a loving, caring and peaceful woman who is ready to work with all in ensuring that Ibadan North Constituency1 keeps moving forward which has been her movement as a bonifide member of the party ever since 2001 and have served in various committee at the different levels including Ward, State and National level.
TO ALL THE AGGRIEVED, let’s embrace the concept of women inclusion and be ready to support, so as to enjoy the promised dividends of democracy.
To your Excellency Sir, Engineer Seyi Makinde, thank you for not giving in to the pressure to manipulate the truth, thank you for having an open mind to consider the true facts given to you by INEC officials and some leaders, thank you for staying true to your words and believing in us(women inclusion) and we promise that you would have no regrets in having us(Women) in your government.
Long live Ibadan North Constituency 1
Long Live Ibadan North
Long Live Oyo State
Olufunke Comforters Foundation Team

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