Just In: How Gbolarumi Statement Indicates That He Has Stepped Down For Makinde With A….

Eagle’s Sight News reports that the former deputy Governor of Oyo state , Barr Gbolarunmi may have stepped down for the incumbent Governor of Oyo State Engr Seyi Makinde who is for runner at the primary.

According to his statement when asked to deliver his speech.,

Gbolarumi stated that “Politics is not game of do and die, it is a game of number.

“From inception, I have no mind of leaving the great party PDP. It is our great pary, I am not leaving soon”

Speaking further, he pranked joke saying ‘I’ve no delegates here. All my delegates have been chased away. What we have left is Seyi Makinde delegates’

He however openly expressed his mind that he is not happy with what is wrong in the party.

He added, “I’ve have advised Gov Makinde but he has not hearken. Let us do it right. Let there be equality for everyone.”

Gbolarumi added that of I didn’t do contest to challenge Makinde in this primary, the game wouldn’t have been sweet as this. Pdp is our great party.

Reacting to Gbolarumi expression, the masses in the event stood up and chorusely said Seyi will not do it.

After his Statement, Gov Seyi Makinde who has initially recognize and saluted Gbolarumi as his elder brother stood up and embraced him.

Gbolarumi however lifted up the handle of Makinde and left the event .

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