Ibadan North Federal Rep Hopeful, Hon Oluwaseun Olufade Picks Interest/Nomination, Submits Form •Promise Purposeful Representation

Youths Drum support for a youthful representation, Say’s it’s time to go digital”

A member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and a leading aspirant jostling to respresent the good people of Ibadan North Federal Constituency at the green chambers has obtained and submitted his expression of interest and nomination forms.

The young, energetic entrepreneur in a statement made available to TODAY SPLASH highlighted the areas he will be concentrating on if given the opportunity as a federal lawmaker.

Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade gives details of his understanding of grassroots suffering and the yearnings for good and purposeful representation, adding that he has heed to calls by the people of Ibadan North Federal Constituency and he is presenting himself as a servant who has identified with the people for many years, “As a bonified citizen of this constituency i can boldly say i know where the shoes hurt, as a youth i understand the hardship from that angle, and I have outlined ways to tackle them.

Hon Oluwaseun Olufade further added that, asides making laws to help develop our economy, it’s pertinent to tackle the present challenges facing our people and that’s paramount to our set objectives.

Meanwhile Youths across the 12 wards of Ibadan North local government have drummed support for the young and energetic entrepreneur, the youths under the name Democratic Development (DD) Speaking through it’s president Mr Babalola Adedapo, in solidarity with Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade said, “We’re identifying with Hon. Oluwaseun Olufade because he understands our plights, he thinks digital, he flows with the trend, he’s been able to establish himself despite the harsh economy over the years, he has been with us through tick and thin, this is a testament that he will give us the very kind of representation we’ve been clamouring for, and not the old analog ways that has drag representation into the mud.

The Statement reads;

By the special Grace of God, I, Seun Olufade of Ward 8, Ibadan North local Government Area of Oyo State, have decided to contest for the Ibadan North Constituency seat in the federal House of Representatives, come 2023.

I have been opportuned to not just be a member of this distinguished constituency but an invested stakeholder. This has positioned me to navigate through all the wards consulting and listening to the legislative demands and expectations of our people. Ihave come to realize that this demand isn’t just limited to experience alone, strength, agility, transparency and consistent communication with all of us, as we can not deny the disparity and bridge we have constantly suffered due to this.

Ibadan North federal constituency is the most important federal constituency in this
our great state, and I am not saying this due to sheer patriotism, it is rather based on verifiable facts, We can all agree that as the pace setter constituency of the pacesetter State there is an urgent need to strategize, reevaluate and act accordingly to the expectations and responsibility required from us. Therefore, I am setting the operational principle of my work and our project within this successful model of

This project of ours will be done through rigorous planning, with all stakeholders
involved in the brainstorming and collation of the best ideas and strategies and then
execute these ideas without unnecessary deviation, ensuring we achieve the expected results, reevaluate the outputs of all we have deployed and improve on it for the good and greatness of Ibadan north.

After a series of consultations and meetings with all our people, through formal and informal means, information and data I have received are basically pinpointing to one thing and that is a call for a better, progressive, sustainable and people-oriented in Ibadan North Constituency.

I have come to ask you all, the great people of our Ibadan north constituency to join
me in this project. Please hold my hands on this noble cause and project so we can
grow this community of great, resourceful and wonderful humans to a cardinal one in
the comity of constituencies not just in Nigeria but everywhere else in the world.

God bless you all.
God bless Ibadan North Federal constituency.
God bless Oyo state.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Oluwaseun Olufade.

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