DELTA: Landlord’s Generator Kills Repairer

DELTA: Landlord’s Generator Kills Repairer

A generator repairer simply identified as Paul has been reported dead.

According to daily post the deceased was said to have been killed by a diesel generating plant he went to repair in Warri, Delta State.

It was learnt that the landlord of the deceased had asked him to repair his generator.

The deceased who returned from an event with his agbada went straight to fix the generator without entering his apartment and changing his clothes.

It was further gathered that after the deceased finished the repairs of the diesel plant, his agbada got hooked to the generator, unknown to him.

The generator picked up and smashed him on the concrete floor breaking his head and mouth before help could come.

He was said to have bled profusely before help came and he was rushed to a hospital where he was said to have died as a result of internal bleeding.

When the landlord returned, he quickly rushed to the Police station to report over the incident and he was arrested by the Police.

At the moment, the family of the deceased are saying the landlord must explain to them what killed their son who left a wife, four children and an aged mother behind.

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