Breaking: Comforter’s Victory Weigh High As Labour Party Candidate For Ibadan North Constituency1 Hon Oluwagbenga Omirin, Supporters, Party Members, Others Step Down And Throw Weight Behind, Makinde, Comforter (Videos + Photos)

Breaking: Comforter’s Victory Weigh High As Labour Party Candidate For Ibadan North Constituency1 Hon Oluwagbenga Omirin, Supporters, Party Members Others Step Down And Throw Weight Behind, Makinde, Comforter Victory (Videos + Photos)

The Victory of Hon Olufunke Comforter, PDP candidate for Ibadan North Constituency1, weighs high again as the Candidate for Labour Party Hon Olugbenga Omirin and his entire supporters, party members, others step down interest and throw weight behind Comforter’s victory in Saturday election. Eagle’s Sight News reports.

Comforter With Ibadan North PDP Juggernauts,Stakeholders

The official declaration which was graced by political juggernauts within the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and Labour Party was top-notch and an avenue that ascertains the victory of Governor Makinde, Comforter, and other PDP candidates contesting this Saturday election.

While speaking in the meeting, Ibadan North PDP Party Chairman, Hon Seun Alore appreciates the entire structure of the labor party, particularly Hon Gbenga Omirin for stepping down his ambition and interest for comforter’s victory in the coming election.

Comforter and Omirin exchanging pleasantry

He added that Omirin stepping down is an assurance and easy effort that comforter will emerge the winner of Oyo state House of Assembly, Ibadan North Constituency1 in Saturday’s election. He said it is certain that the margin will be huge!He said the love and efforts, sincerity shown is evidence of success on Saturday. He also welcomed Hon farouque Arisekola who recently decamped from the Accord party to also declare support for Comforter.

Hon Omirin, the Labour Party Candidate for Ibadan North Constituency1 while speaking and affirming his decision said the most important thing is the state and constituency interests.

Labour Party Candidate, Omirin speaking during stepping down of ambition

He said it is proven that the masses love Governor Makinde and Comforter a house of assembly candidate has also proven her sincere love for the residents, I am therefore stepping down because we have the same interest in common.

He said” Reputable people that are present from the Labour Party is as a result of the same interest which is to throw weight behind Governor Makinde, Comforter and the PDP candidates in Saturday Election”

“I have chosen to step than for Comforter as result of same interest we have in common which is to serve the interest of the residents of Ibadan North Constituency1”

“She has proven that what I stand for, she also stands for, hence I decided to step down” He added.

Engr Daniel Ajuwon, Hon Bibire, Hon Dada Awoyemi, and Ibadan North LG Chairman Sahib Oladayo while speaking, appreciated the Labour Party candidate for his love and strong decision.

Hon Dada Awoyemi and Bibire in their comment also appreciated the effort of the people and encouraged sincere effort to achieve a huge margin and success for all PDP contestants in Saturday’s election.

DG for the rep candidate Hon Alamu Descant, speaking on behalf of the Labour Party in Ibadan North said that comforter is a good person and the entire Labour party aim is to work for her success against the Saturday election. We are backed up by Labour Party leaders and via the directive of Hon Alamu Descant.

Hon Olufunke Comforter Adeniyi Olajide the PDP candidate for Oyo state house of Assembly Ibadan North Constituency1, during the closing remark, appreciated all and sundry who made the success of the official declaration happened, particularly, the Labour Party Candidate Hon, Olugbenga Omirin for stepping down ambition for same interest for Saturday victory.She affirms that the decision won’t be regretted .

Other stakeholders and leaders that graced the occasion include PDP ward chairmen, Labour Party ward chairmen, women leaders, and youth leaders among others.

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