Beware: Oyo State Apc’s lies and crocodile tears, never fall into the traps -Yomi Ojo

It has been a tradition of the progressive party anytime they are in opposition to manipulate informations about insecurity to discredit sitting Governors especially the working and performing ones.

Meanwhile, the tragic part of the progressive party and their Governments is lack of performances, they always use lies and propaganda to hijacks power but fail to perform or improve the standard of living of the citizens, these people will always refer to Lagos State as their evidence to perform but we all forgot, that Baba jakande and military Governments had developed the state being the capital of the country for so many years before Tinubu became the governor.
The money generated from 1999 in Lagos State till date is more than what Kenya generated in last 30 years.
 If we should compare the money generated  in the last 22 years with the developments on ground in Lagos State, we will all march to EFCC office and demand that Tinubu and co should be arrested and be left to rot in jail.
Kaduna state is facing a lot of challenges bcos of the cluelessness of the APC and Nigeria is battling with an irresponsible APC president, the president that doesn’t know the difference between constitution and traditions, what a tragedy! 
I will just advice the good people of Oyo State not to fall for the crocodile tears shed by Oyo State APC members. 
Manipulation, Blackmailing, Propaganda and Media hypocrisy is APC’s calling!
Please my brothers and sisters in the state lets open our eyes and pray for Engr Seyi Makinde to be successful!
God bless us all!
God bless Oyo State!!
God bless Nigeria!!!
Otunba Yomi Ojo
Fiwajoye 1

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