ANNIVERSARY: “.…a woman whose price is above Rubies” As OYRTMA Boss, Dr Akin Fagbemi Celebrates Wife On Anniversary|By Bro Paul Adebanjo.Read Here…

11th August is so special in the Stephen Fagbemi’s home as it marks the day  this beautiful family was joined in Holy Matrimony as the newest couple in the universe! which now marks as Marriage Anniversary.

It  has been deduced, that wedding is a day and marriage is a life time. The marriage journey has so many ups and downs, consisting  new things all the time. Irrespective of this, the love of this unique family refreshes day to day and time to time. Isn’t this amazing? The secret is , true love stay togethether in godliness , committement, submission, t understanding & tolerance , forgiveness and love forever. 

The testimony of Mogaji Dr  Stephen Fagbemi is a great one  as he celebrates wife for being virtous. This post has been shared on his facebook handle and it reads,
” She strives to give her family the best of things. A virtuous woman is described as a woman whose price is above ‘Rubies’. She is a woman who cannot be bought with any currency in the world; no price can be placed on her (Prov. 31:10-23)
She does her husband good and his heart safely trusts her.  She feeds her family well. · 
Wishing  ourselves happy marriage  anniversary!
Congratulations to this amazing family of the day!

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