Alao Akala: The Coincidental Incident Between 12th January 2006 And 12th January, 2022, A Call For Humanity|Poby

The Coincidental Incident Between 12th January 2006  And 12th January, 2022, A Call For Humanity|Poby

This  is not a write up against anyone. But to  let us remember every coincident is ” a call of attention and a lesson for everyone”.
Perhaps is coincident in the political saga,  my opinion is Otunba Alao Akala has paid his own price and left suddenly but we are writing  history. I mean history which would be also written about you and I .
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On 12 January 2006, Ladoja was impeached by Oyo State legislators and forced out of office. His deputy, Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala, was sworn in as the new governor.
Those that can recall that scenario knows more about what caused the impeachment and the truth of the matter.
Today 12th January, Otunba Alao Akala gave up the ghost at his resident in Ogbomosho.
I still want to believe it is just a coincidence because such happens. But every coincident is  a lesson that is calling our attention to something..
We have to ensure we leave our lives in pleasing the Lord and improving human growth and development.
We aren’t perfect tho but atleast in our own possible way let us try our best to be humane.
Baba Alao Akala tried his best and left legacies. 
Oyato Governor is gone!
May God preserves our lives and forgive our shortcomings.
Seems God’s generals, statesmen , monarchs, celebrities at all levels are leaving unexpectedly. All are call of attention to how we are leaving our lives.
“There is still time to make today a better tomorrow” The wise would understand this.
May the Lord help us all.
My point is “God and Humanity:and how we leave our lives on these”
Remember, ” Death is inevitable”.
Asan Aye!(Life is vanity)
May the Lord comfort the family of the departed souls, Oyo state govt , Oyo residents and Nigeria at large.
May their souls rest in perfect cadence(Peace)

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