6 Creative Ways Emerging Artists Can Use AI

6 Creative Ways Emerging Artists Can Use AI

6 Creative Ways Emerging Artists Can Use AI
6 Creative Ways EmeUse AI

6 creative ways emerging artists can use AI

In 2023, the use of AI in the music industry reached a new height as Capitol Records signed an AI rapper called FN Meka.

Google has joined the global AI drive with the creation of their Gemini AI. The AI can be helpful to emerging artists looking for educative tools as well as a reliable virtual assistant that can help them on their journey.

Here are 6 ways you can use Gemini AI as an emerging artist.

In vibrant music communities, it’s not just about who you know, but how you connect. Gemini helps you go beyond networking basics. Instead of just attending events, let’s get strategic. Ask, “How do I initiate meaningful conversations with music producers online?” or “Help me write an application essay for an artist mentorship program.”

Gemini can reignite your inspiration by helping you in your songwriting process by suggesting lyrics that fit into a theme. It can also help broaden your sonic palette when you use it to discover different genres across the world.

Your brand is more than a logo. It’s how you connect with your audience. You can use Gemini to craft bios and press releases that capture your artistic style and vision.

The business side of the music industry can be overwhelming. You can use Gemini to learn about important music business subjects like contracts, copyright laws, music distribution, licensing, and publishing.

In the world of music, your style speaks volumes. You can use Gemini to help you explore to craft a unique fashion style that fits your brand.

In the digital age, visuals amplify your message. Gemini can spark your video concepts. You can use it to brainstorm different music video ideas.


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