2023: I’ll Fight Corruption Using Buhari’s Style If I’m Elected President -Akpabio[No be Juju be that🙇‍♂️😁 Click To Read In Full)

2023: I’ll Fight Corruption Using Buhari’s Style If I’m Elected President -Akpabio[No be Juju be that🙇‍♂️😁 Click To Read] In Full)

NIGERIA:As the 2023 general election is gradually approaching, all politicall party in the country are preparing for their primaries as directed by the Independence Electoral Commission of Nigeria(INEC).

The exercise which has begun few weeks ago has made a lot of aspirants in the ruling All Progressive Party (APC) and the main opposition party People Democratic Party (PDP) to begin declaring their intentions. Many of them have equally purchased their expression of interest form as pegged by the parties.

According to recent updates the minister of Niger Delta affairs, says Godswil Akpabio as stated that if he is elected president, he will fight corruption in the same way as President Muhammadu Buhari.

This statement was captured on Wednesday when Akpabio declared his intention to contest for president on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

According to Channel interview with Akpabio on Thursday the former Akwa Ibom governor said he will harness the country’s human and natural resources towards actualising development.

The minister added that corruption and poverty are “twin brothers”, saying Buhari is fighting corruption by using social investment programmes to tackle poverty.

We will harness the resources that we have in the country. We will take care of the maritime industry. We will also take care of the mineral resources,” he said.

“We will have a better way of controlling the youthful population and giving them hope in order to bring out their intellect and become more resourceful.

“Of course, we must continue the fight against corruption because if we allow it, corruption can kill us and I will continue the same way the president is doing — what he is doing that is right in terms of fighting corruption that was not done in the past.

“Corruption has a twin brother and that twin brother is poverty. You can’t fight corruption without fighting poverty with the social investment programmes put in place to assist the poorest in the country vis-à-vis empowering the people.

“It means that as we tackle poverty, we are reducing corruption because corruption deepens poverty, while poverty leads to corruption.”

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